Success of Content Marketing, 5 Ideas for May, Blog Categories – Content Marketing RoundUp by Curation Traffic

First up, a pretty good story covering what content marketing success looks like: After a day reading all the winners’ entries from the Content Marketing Awards and looking at the work, I’ve learnt stuff I never knew I didn’t know (to borrow from Donald Rumsfeld): that Lloyd’s of London insured property owners against Zeppelin attacks during WW1; the philosophy of holiday magnate Sir Billy Butlin; and the operations of the Norwegian armed forces. The second was the way in which the winners not only produced multiple forms of content, but they were optimised for the platform. Wardour’s The Review (best […]

On Measuring ROI with Content Marketing by Curation Traffic

This is a big subject… how to measure ROI with content marketing. One story making the rounds comes from Hubspot and talks about how to measure ROI with content marketing is a complete myth: As a profession, marketing has evolved a lot over the past 5 years. Previously, when asked to justify our marketing budgets, we used to squirm in our chairs and mutter something about brand awareness. Today, marketers want to measure the ROI on every tactic and channel they use. Figuring out the ROI of content, in particular, is hard and often misunderstood. Content ROI Is a Myth […]

Considering Content Curation, Chunking Information, & Tips for Ethical Curation by Curation Traffic

  One of the things my social media friends complain about is people who constantly push out content about themselves: “Buy my book, sign up for my workshop, read my stuff.” Sure, I’d encourage you to use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and GooglePlus to share your brilliant new blog post, but if you talk only about yourself online, you’re bound to alienate people and lose followers. Consider Content Curation >> What Content Curation, Chunking Information and Micro-learning have in common? In this article I’ll present a framework that could help educators to make a shift from designing long, information based online courses […]

Top Curation News From Last Week by Curation Traffic

Here’s some of the top news on curation from the last week: Medium launches on iOS as read-only app focused on content curation Unlike its Web counterpart, Medium for iOS is read-only, making it more of a consumption app than a tool for production. Instead, the app plies Medium’s clean and easy-to-use user interface to mobile content aggregation and discovery. After signing in with a Twitter account — unsurprising given Medium is the brainchild of Twitter’s Ev Williams — the app pulls from stories trending on the Medium website, new content from a user’s followed writers and new additions to […]

Become an Industry Resource with Content Curation: Anne Handley Explains How [video] by Scott Scanlon

Some really good advice here in just under a minute and a half… This is one of the best ways to get to the true value of curation. Be the resource for your market. Think of yourself as the ultimate resource for your market or niche. The news maker. Sure that might involve creating content but usually that involves choosing what is relevant and shaping the perspective of your audience. When you take that approach curation becomes a very powerful and effective strategy.

3 Tips to Boost Your Content Curation and Content Marketing by Scott Scanlon

Okay… this graphic and story here really does hit home. The main point here is that content curation is some ways helps all other aspects of content creation. We see this firsthand especially with someone just getting started with content marketing. Usually they start slow with curation but once they get the hang of it they then start to see opportunities to create content. All this is backed up by… Creating original content is resource intensive and while some companies that have all the copywriting resources they need (that’s an exception not the rule) it makes sense to curate content in addition […]

Content Curation for Real Estate & the Real Estate Professional by Curation Traffic


On today’s show we’ll talk about how a real estate agent, Realtor® or a real estate professional can use content curation in their own marketing. Below is the transcript to the audio above. We do try to clean up the transcript so it’s easier to read but sometimes it’s a little tough bringing the spoken word to a easy to read format. Here’s what we cover in today’s show: The truth behind content curation and how it plays a role in your own content marketing as a real estate professional The type of stuff that you should be curating How […]

Curation: Making Sense of Digital Information by Scott Scanlon

Really good post about making sense of curation and the calling of being a good curator. I really like the curator definition: The Curator seeks to encourage, promote, and uncover those artifacts of culture – those things which humans create – that inspire and embody truth, goodness, and beauty. We do this through considering and grappling with the zeitgeist. That’s why curation has made some headway these last few years. With the rise of digital content there is a big need to find and promote those great artifacts of culture. Think about your market or the people in your target […]

The World Needs Great Editors by Curation Traffic

If you have a few minutes I highly recommend reading the transcript from a recent talk by Jenene Cossan at the MPA Magazine Sales Conference. I’ll quote liberally from the transcript and add additional thoughts but I suggest reading the transcript yourself. The talk is about much more than just the future of publishing. It’s more about the future of content, marketing, and your opportunity to be the single best source in whatever niche or market you choose. The Hierarchy of Needs Has Changed Jenene starts with one of the most important realities in today’s digital landscape: The reality is that yo​ur hierarchy of […]