Content Marketing Roadmap: 3 Keys to Ideal Customers by Curation Traffic

Content Marketing Roadmap: 3 Keys to Ideal Customers Great coaches start with a strategy, a roadmap or game plan, but they are prepared to make adjustments based on how their team is performing – and how the opposing team is responding. They study, measure, evaluate and realign their resources to accomplish specific goals and objectives. That is how we are going to design your digital, social and content marketing roadmap. You just have to start well and make adjustments to its implementation as you make new discoveries about what your ideal customers want and how to give it to them. […]

Measuring Holistic Metrics Behind ROI in Content Marketing by Curation Traffic

One of the biggest topics around the virtual watercooler when it comes to content marketing is measuring ROI. I’ll expand on that a bit here in this post but first I wanted to showcase some key ideas from a post at Content marketing sure is in fashion at the moment. But lots of people are, perhaps understandably, reluctant to follow fashion for fashion’s sake. The good news is that there are obvious things that you can measure. You can use analytics programs to understand where your traffic comes from – meaning you can measure content-driven inbounds, evaluate which particular […]

If You Want to Profit with Content Curation You Must Own the Platform by Scott Scanlon

Content curation is an awesome strategy. It is a low risk, big impact marketing tactic that has the ability to convert like crazy when put into action. In order for you to use it as an effective conversion tool for you or your business, however, when it comes to monetizing the curated content, the only thing that really matters is: YOU MUST CONTROL THE CLICK. Well, okay, other stuff does still matter. It is important to be a good curator and build trust and authority. These things are of prime importance in order to achieve the traffic you are looking […]

7 Spot On Reasons to Engage in Content Curation by Curation Traffic

KTPost originally titled their article “7 Excuses for content curation” but I don’t think you need an excuse to implement content curation. The 7 tips they provide are more than just excuses they are high value reasons to start curating right now. One important point to make is you should be curating first on your own platform. We’ve all grown up learning that “sharing is caring,” and when it comes to content marketing, it’s no different. Content curation isn’t just a great way to jump-start and maintain relationships with prospects and experts in your industry, it can also save you […]

Four Quadrants of Media: Paid, Owned, Earned & Shared by Curation Traffic

A question we get asked often is… what is more important earned or paid media? The graphic and the story that follows does a really good job of breaking down exactly what you should be focusing on. The quick answer is you should be represented in all four sectors: earned, paid, owned, and shared. Think Differently founder Lyndon Johnson, who wrote the MarketingProf’s article, also blogged about Strike. He describes it as the “start of rebuilding relationships with customers that had purchased the ill-fated Ghibli of the 1980s; [and] customers of other four-door sedans who secretly wanted an Italian sports sedan.” […]

RISJ Report Discusses Successful Marketing with Content Curation by Curation Traffic

Last spring, Oxford University’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ) released a report that dives into content curation as a new form of journalism. The findings of Newsroom Curators & Independent Storytellers report are important for marketers searching for ways to maximize their resources and budgets with content curation. The RISJ’s report defines curation, gives its background, provides examples of content curation in news and offers brief discussion of trends and finishes with some great conclusions. See the report here: RISJ Report Discusses Successful Marketing Content Curation

The Core Business Benefits to Sharing Others Content by Curation Traffic

Why would you want to share other people’s content? That’s one of the biggest questions asked about content curation. Here’s a good video interview that goes into detail about why it’s a perfect fit for anybody creating content. Here’s a quick recap of some of the key points covered: It should be integral part of your content strategy anyway as a content producer If you’ve built a network then you’ve already identified a core community, so sending along valuable ideas and content allows you to be part of that eco-system. You really gain 2 core benefits First, Your helping the […]

Success of Content Marketing, 5 Ideas for May, Blog Categories – Content Marketing RoundUp by Curation Traffic

First up, a pretty good story covering what content marketing success looks like: After a day reading all the winners’ entries from the Content Marketing Awards and looking at the work, I’ve learnt stuff I never knew I didn’t know (to borrow from Donald Rumsfeld): that Lloyd’s of London insured property owners against Zeppelin attacks during WW1; the philosophy of holiday magnate Sir Billy Butlin; and the operations of the Norwegian armed forces. The second was the way in which the winners not only produced multiple forms of content, but they were optimised for the platform. Wardour’s The Review (best […]

On Measuring ROI with Content Marketing by Curation Traffic

This is a big subject… how to measure ROI with content marketing. One story making the rounds comes from Hubspot and talks about how to measure ROI with content marketing is a complete myth: As a profession, marketing has evolved a lot over the past 5 years. Previously, when asked to justify our marketing budgets, we used to squirm in our chairs and mutter something about brand awareness. Today, marketers want to measure the ROI on every tactic and channel they use. Figuring out the ROI of content, in particular, is hard and often misunderstood. Content ROI Is a Myth […]

Considering Content Curation, Chunking Information, & Tips for Ethical Curation by Curation Traffic

  One of the things my social media friends complain about is people who constantly push out content about themselves: “Buy my book, sign up for my workshop, read my stuff.” Sure, I’d encourage you to use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and GooglePlus to share your brilliant new blog post, but if you talk only about yourself online, you’re bound to alienate people and lose followers. Consider Content Curation >> What Content Curation, Chunking Information and Micro-learning have in common? In this article I’ll present a framework that could help educators to make a shift from designing long, information based online courses […]