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If You Want to Profit with Content Curation You Must Own the Platform by Scott Scanlon

Content curation is an awesome strategy. It is a low risk, big impact marketing tactic that has the ability to convert like crazy when put into action. In order for you to use it as an effective conversion tool for you or your business, however, when it comes to monetizing the curated content, the only thing that really matters is: YOU MUST CONTROL THE CLICK. Well, okay, other stuff does still matter. It is important to be a good curator and build trust and authority. These things are of prime importance in order to achieve the traffic you are looking […]

7 Spot On Reasons to Engage in Content Curation by Curation Traffic

KTPost originally titled their article “7 Excuses for content curation” but I don’t think you need an excuse to implement content curation. The 7 tips they provide are more than just excuses they are high value reasons to start curating right now. One important point to make is you should be curating first on your own platform. We’ve all grown up learning that “sharing is caring,” and when it comes to content marketing, it’s no different. Content curation isn’t just a great way to jump-start and maintain relationships with prospects and experts in your industry, it can also save you […]

Curation: Making Sense of Digital Information by Scott Scanlon

Really good post about making sense of curation and the calling of being a good curator. I really like the curator definition: The Curator seeks to encourage, promote, and uncover those artifacts of culture – those things which humans create – that inspire and embody truth, goodness, and beauty. We do this through considering and grappling with the zeitgeist. That’s why curation has made some headway these last few years. With the rise of digital content there is a big need to find and promote those great artifacts of culture. Think about your market or the people in your target […]

Can Proper Content Curation Feed Your Thought Leadership? by Curation Traffic

  Really good post from Schulyer Richardson at ContentEquaulsMoney on using content curation for thought leadership. The post is more of a point/counter-point take on using curation and is spot on in a lot of areas. Aspiring thought leaders often stress over the idea of not being able to produce enough original content to satisfy the needs of their community. It can seem like an unrealistic goal to produce fresh, quality content all of the time; and quite frankly it is. But don’t fret, aspiring thought leader! Content curation can be your best friend. And while it has that going […]

Content Curation Drives Lead Generation by Scott Scanlon

One of our posts on SEO and Curation was mentioned by the AtomicReach blog. What I really like about this story is it provides a good rundown of how curation really does drive lead generation. This is something we’ve experienced and something we cover quite a bit in our training. If your looking at curation as a lead generation tool then the post that follows is well worth the read… Content curation is one of the driving factors for generating leads in content marketing. More and more brands are choosing to pursue content marketing for that very reason. A recent […]

Content aggregation vs content curation: How to compare? by Scott Scanlon

One of the biggest questions we get is the difference between aggregation and content curation. A recent post from smartmediatips talks about the difference between content aggregation vs curation. While it’s important to understand the difference there’s a much more powerful idea to point out. What if you could combine the two–both curation and aggregation? A really good example of this type of combination is TechMeme. If you’ve ever visited the site you see right away that they’ve curated the tops stories. Then below the main story they’ve highlighted there is an aggregation of the same topic or news. Very […]

Don’t Forget The Awesome: Curation within Creating Content by Scott Scanlon

There’s so much great about the post we highlight today but let’s start here: Many create or curate content–but don’t understand the value in developing a strategy that accounts for both. Without creation, there would be no curation. Before I got serious about using curaiton as a strategy I had been writing (blogging) for a few years. This content I created is the foundation for much of traffic we currently receive. Now when I added curation to the mix our traffic more than tripled. Another thing happened, my writing and insight became much more precise. I was able to connect […]

How Careful Curation Nurtures A Fit Mind & Intelligence by Curation Traffic

I just stumbled upon a great post by Bulldog Drummond on how curation nurtures the mind. First up, I’ve experienced this first hand so it rings beyond true. Before I dive in a little I really like how he starts the post: Its little spark of inspiration that ignites every morning when we wake. Thoughts begin to swirl and questions pop into our brains: will this be the 40-foot wave at Mavericks or the nice slow long 10-foot curl in Malibu? Will the weather really be 75 and sunny as promised? Will my favorite team win? Will the weather really be […]

Oliver Starr on Content Marketing with Content Curation by Curation Traffic

There’s a good but short interview from Oliver Starr of Pearltrees on Search Engine Journal: There’s no doubt that content creation and content marketing will play an integral role in the marketing strategies of most brands in 2014, but what you probably didn’t know is that content curation can be an equally successful venture. If you’re struggling with creating original, unique, or shareable content, then content curation can be a perfect alternative. With these great tips from Oliver Starr, Chief Evangelist for Pearltrees and one of the earliest contributors to Techcrunch, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a […]

The Find, Fill, Follow, Focus, and Frame Curation Skills by Curation Traffic

I came across a good post from JuastAdandAk the other day. it covers many of the the things we talk about on the blog and podcast. What I really liked though is their break down of the five core steps of curation (also the graphic is great as well) 1. Find : Track other digital curators to emulate / learn from. I had a call the other day with someone asking if we had a what I consider a listening platform in our tool. We don’t and we haven’t built on for 2 simple reasons. It’s easy (beyond easy) to […]