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Considering Content Curation, Chunking Information, & Tips for Ethical Curation by Curation Traffic

  One of the things my social media friends complain about is people who constantly push out content about themselves: “Buy my book, sign up for my workshop, read my stuff.” Sure, I’d encourage you to use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and GooglePlus to share your brilliant new blog post, but if you talk only about yourself online, you’re bound to alienate people and lose followers. Consider Content Curation >> What Content Curation, Chunking Information and Micro-learning have in common? In this article I’ll present a framework that could help educators to make a shift from designing long, information based online courses […]

Top Curation News From Last Week by Curation Traffic

Here’s some of the top news on curation from the last week: Medium launches on iOS as read-only app focused on content curation Unlike its Web counterpart, Medium for iOS is read-only, making it more of a consumption app than a tool for production. Instead, the app plies Medium’s clean and easy-to-use user interface to mobile content aggregation and discovery. After signing in with a Twitter account — unsurprising given Medium is the brainchild of Twitter’s Ev Williams — the app pulls from stories trending on the Medium website, new content from a user’s followed writers and new additions to […]