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6 Strategies to Execute Content Marketing by Curation Traffic

However, some brands have found ways to reliably produce content and feed the content beast. Heres a look at six ways to make content marketing sustainable as well as the pros and cons of each approach. Hiring a Dedicated Content Creator Many brands have a full-time content strategist or a team of content creators whose main responsibility is to create content and repurpose thought leadership from senior employees on a regular basis. 1. Hiring a Dedicated Content Creator 2. Crowdsourcing Internally 3. Outsourcing Externally 4. Collecting User Generated Content 5. Licensing Content 6. Curating Other People’s Content I’ll use this […]

STOP Egocentric Content Marketing by Curation Traffic

Such a good phrase: Egocentric Content Marketing. I think this is the first time I’ve come across that exact phrase but it succinctly describes how most content marketing is employed. In the end an effective content marketing strategy is not about you or  your company it’s about your audience or your target market. That’s also why curation is a great additional strategy to any content marketing. Curation at it’s core is less egocentric than the plain old vanilla content marketing. This is because at it’s heart curation is pointing to another source or multiple sources. The article here written by […]

7 Rules for a Strong Digital Content Strategy by Scott Scanlon

These are some great rules for a digital content strategy but also the foundation of a good content curation strategy as well. When it comes to crafting a digital content strategy for your business, think about these 7 rules.  What other rules do you think are crucial in ensuring a successful digital content strategy? Rule #1: Focus on your Customer First Rule #2:  Be Consistent Rule #3:  Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – Be Creative Rule #4:  Communicate Rule #5:  Create Unique Content Rule #6:  Curate Select Content Rule #7:  Collaborate with Customers #1 – I’d add when thinking […]

Google’s Matt Cutts: Create, Curate, Don’t Aggregate by Curation Traffic

Here’s another really good post launched by some advice from Matt Cutts from Google. It answers a few questions we get often… which should I focus on creation or curation? Also, what is the difference between curation and aggregation. One outlier in the aggregation space would be If you could employ a similar model then I think aggregation is a great strategy. Short of that it’s probably best avoided. Here’s more from this piece: Matt mistakenly refers to content creation as content curation, and refers to aggregated content as auto-generated content. In the course of his explanation, he wholly […]