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Become an Industry Resource with Content Curation: Anne Handley Explains How [video] by Scott Scanlon

Some really good advice here in just under a minute and a half… This is one of the best ways to get to the true value of curation. Be the resource for your market. Think of yourself as the ultimate resource for your market or niche. The news maker. Sure that might involve creating content but usually that involves choosing what is relevant and shaping the perspective of your audience. When you take that approach curation becomes a very powerful and effective strategy.

3 Tips to Boost Your Content Curation and Content Marketing by Scott Scanlon

Okay… this graphic and story here really does hit home. The main point here is that content curation is some ways helps all other aspects of content creation. We see this firsthand especially with someone just getting started with content marketing. Usually they start slow with curation but once they get the hang of it they then start to see opportunities to create content. All this is backed up by… Creating original content is resource intensive and while some companies that have all the copywriting resources they need (that’s an exception not the rule) it makes sense to curate content in addition […]

6 Tips on How To Succeed In The Modern Blogosphere by Scott Scanlon

Some really good advice in this post at theFutureBuzz. Have a clear point of view Have a podcast from the beginning Separate your writing style Don’t do social media, do communication Write a short book Embrace video These are really good tips and as usual here we talk more about content curation– so let’s break these down on how they relate to curating. Have a Clear Point of View Probably one of the more important things when you curate. Having a clear point of view and voice is often the toughest part of writing. We’ve found that the more you […]

5 Content Curation Tips for SEO by Scott Scanlon

These are not just really good tips on content curation in SEO (here’s a video we did on this subject) but good tips for creating curated posts in general. You could take all 5 of these and schedule new curated posts over the next 2 weeks. If you did that do you think you could create more traffic than you have right now? Creating new valuable content on a regular basis is critical to an SEO with high aspirations. Really hard! That’s why content curation is so popular these days amongst content marketers and SEOers. The idea of leveraging other people’s/brands […]

With This “Curation” Stuff Aren’t You Just Really Stealing People’s Information? by Curation Traffic

By: Sam Howzit

Today we received a reply from one of the latest emails we sent: I am very confused on the “curation” thing… But with this “curation” stuff aren’t you just really stealing peoples information? … from what it sounds like all the information would be from other people…how would that help me? All great questions and in this post we’ll talk about: Is curation ethical or is content curation legal? Why would you want to have someone else’s content on your site? The First Impression Trigger The Authority Association Effect So let’s talk about the “curation is stealing” question… With content curation […]

4 Emerging Strategies of Content Curation by Curation Traffic

Is there an overlap in the different types of content curaiton strategies? Some of the answer is provided in a piece by Jeff Giesea. I resonate completely with the first part as when I discovered the DrudgeReport I saw good curation in action: If I had to pinpoint when content curation came on my radar, it was when Matt Drudge broke the Lewinsky story and I, like everyone, discovered The Drudge Report. A few years later I built my first company around curated content for specialized industries. At the time, I liked to think that I was channeling the spirit […]

3 Big Reasons Why You Should Add Content Curation to Your Marketing Mix by Curation Traffic

Really good piece from Rachel on the It talks about why you should add curation to  your marketing mix. First let’s start with a great definition: Curating content is much like putting together an art exhibition. Instead of randomly sharing whatever you think is interesting, you need to think about how it all blends together. In a business sense, you also must consider whether the content will attract your target audience and get them to take the next step in working with you. The 3 reasons why you should add it to your market mix are: Produce more content, […]