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Content Curation for Real Estate & the Real Estate Professional by Curation Traffic

On today’s show we’ll talk about how a real estate agent, Realtor® or a real estate professional can use content curation in their own marketing. Below is the transcript to the audio above. We do try to clean up the transcript so it’s easier to read but sometimes it’s a little tough bringing the spoken word to a easy to read format. Here’s what we cover in today’s show: The truth behind content curation and how it plays a role in your own content marketing as a real estate professional The type of stuff that you should be curating How […]

The World Needs Great Editors by Curation Traffic

If you have a few minutes I highly recommend reading the transcript from a recent talk by Jenene Cossan at the MPA Magazine Sales Conference. I’ll quote liberally from the transcript and add additional thoughts but I suggest reading the transcript yourself. The talk is about much more than just the future of publishing. It’s more about the future of content, marketing, and your opportunity to be the single best source in whatever niche or market you choose. The Hierarchy of Needs Has Changed Jenene starts with one of the most important realities in today’s digital landscape: The reality is that yo​ur hierarchy of […]

A Content Curation Primer by Scott Scanlon

Well today’s show will cover a Content Curation Primer, specially what are some things you need to keep in mind as you go out there and first get started with content curation. Let’s jump right in… Now, we’re going to start on something a little bit, let’s say a higher purpose. Let’s say something more like a quest. And what I mean by that is to be a good curator, and if you really want to have success with content curation, you’ve gotta somehow have this higher calling that you are going to be the best content curator within your market, within your niche, […]

Is Content Curation King? by Scott Scanlon

content curation king

  In this episode we’ll talk about, is content curation king? We’ve heard this – I’ve heard this phrase quite a bit, specifically around content marketing. I see it a lot, is content marketing king, but we’ll talk about is curation king? Or is it the queen, or is it the prince, or is it the peasant. So let’s jump right in. Subscribe to the Content Curation Show. What is a King in the Content Marketing Game? When we think about this, something being king, right? That means it’s the top of the heap. It’s the ultimate ruler. It’s the […]

Importance of Content Curation by Scott Scanlon

importance of content curation

Today we talk about the importance of content curation. Let’s jump right in and talk about why curation is important. When I think about why it’s an important inbound strategy one of the first things that comes to mind is… Information Growth One of the main reasons why curation is needed is information is growing at a rapid pace. From the amount of TV channels, streaming options, social networks, to all the other stuff vying for your target markets attention. There is a big need and want by your target market to see through the trees. To in it’s essence get […]

Getting Started with Content Curation by Scott Scanlon

In this episode we’ll talk about getting started with content curation. Specifically, let’s say you’re just getting started and you really want to have success right away with content curation be it if you’re just getting started with content marketing, or you’re a seasoned content marketer. I’ll share with you some tips right now so that you can have the most success if you’re just getting started with content curation. Setting Your Goals So, let’s start with the first thing. In any form of digital marketing or any marketing whatsoever, you should start with your goals. With curation there’s a […]

Business to Business (B2B) Content Curation Q&A by Curation Traffic

Alright, in this show, we’ll talk about b2b content curation, that’s business to business content curation. We’ll cover some guidelines, some tips that we can take away when we want to employ business to business content curation in your content strategy. Here’s a few of the main topics we dive into: Is curation effective in a B2B enviroment? How does curation fit in B2B Content Marketing Mix? Why can B2B curation effective? When might B2B not be effective? The different verticals and audiences you can reach Creating a B2B content curation strategy Our Unique Perspective on B2B Content Curation So b2b […]

5 Highly Effective Tips for Curation Success by Curation Traffic

Today we’ll talk about the steps for curating success and this really comes from our own experience from content curation but also helping other people, our clients and other people, have tremendous success with content curation. So that’s what we’ll talk about today. Before we jump in, here’s the recording of our latest webinar, How to Drive Traffic and have success with Content Curation. So let’s say you want to employ content curation, you want to have tremendous success about it. So I’m going to share with you today some of the tips, some of the advice that we’ve learned […]

How to Pick a Niche for Content Curation by Curation Traffic

Today we’ll talk about how to select a niche to curate. Maybe you’re someone who has a product or service or idea and you want to know how to down to a specific niche and actually monetize the strategy. Another type of person who might ask this question a lot is the someone that wants to start a separate site curating stuff around a specific niche and needs some tips on how to do that. Hone in Your Target Market So let’s start by talking about marketing at a high-level view point and why a lot of times the biggest […]

Best Practices for Content Curation by Scott Scanlon

best practices for content curation

Today we cover some of the best practices for content curation. If your new to curation you’ll want to check out a few of our recent episodes or visit the curation resources section of our site. You can listen and download above or watch the video down below. Also subscribe to our podcast in Itunes. Best Practices in Content Curation: Own the platform Always attribute your source Add great insight or commentary Keep a schedule Find awesome sources Consistently surprise your audience Here’s a brief overview of each one of these but we go into greater detail in today’s show. Own the Platform Why […]