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Pinterest’s Founder: Algorithms Don’t Know What You Want by Scott Scanlon

Content Curation Commentary ,

The Pinterest CEO says something in this peice that I near and dear to what we feel as well. That crowds (or people) are still the best form of curation. I’m sure there will be a time when computers will be able to sift through everything and give exactly what we want but they will still be missing the other half of curation– commentary. This is a pretty good interview and well worth a read…

In 2012 the startup Pinterest became a peer of more established social sites by offering things that they didn’t–an attractive design, a focus on images rather than text, and a mostly female population of users. On Pinterest, people use virtual “pinboards” to curate collections of images related to their hobbies and interests, discovering new items for their virtual hoards on the boards of friends and in the site’s personalized recommendations. What was the need you were trying to fill when you created Pinterest?

Image courtesy of technologyreview.com