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Where Do You Sit in the Spectrum of Curation? by Curation Traffic

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One of the biggest questions we get from new users of Curation Traffic has to do with how to curate to limit or virtually remove the penalty to search rankings.

We talk about this quite a bit in our training and cover it pretty extensively in our podcast.

Even with that I think I’ve come across a new great term to explain how you want to think about it.

In the video below from Matt Cutts (of Google) he answers a question and gets deep into curation.

Many sites have a press release section, or a news section that re-posts relevant articles. Since it’s all duplicate content, they be better off removing these sections (even with plenty of other unique content)?

The first thing he covers is the difference between high quality and low quality. High quality is a trusted source that has a strong editorial in place. Low quality is a source that isn’t highly trusted and is obvious let’s just about any type of content to be released.

The high quality site is exercising discretion (curation) in what they select to release or highlight. The low quality site is not and in many ways not adding any measurable value.

He mentions a spectrum of quality or something along those lines. I’d change it a bit to say where do you fit within the spectrum of curation?

Matt goes on to talk about something we cover a ton here. He says…
It’s probably important to focus on what is competitive or what is compelling about your site.

Instead of having some automated curation system that just fills in items based on your keywords you want to focus on what is going to keep people coming back. What is going inline with the overall value you provide on your site or your brand.

Side note: This is also the reason we’ve resisted creating a “listening platform” or content discovery platform as part of Curation Traffic. It simple causes the reverse of what you want for content curation– that is highly quality curated content that is not from some automated function.

The video ends with one of the most important points about curation– editorial philosophy. If you have a philosophy on what your about, your key value this ensures your going to link to trusted sources. With editorial philosophy comes usefulness and ultimately as a curator that’s what you want to accomplish.

In the end curation is effective when people find it compelling and can’t resist coming back to your site.

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