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The Find, Fill, Follow, Focus, and Frame Curation Skills by Curation Traffic

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I came across a good post from JuastAdandAk the other day. it covers many of the the things we talk about on the blog and podcast. What I really liked though is their break down of the five core steps of curation (also the graphic is great as well)

1. Find : Track other digital curators to emulate / learn from.

I had a call the other day with someone asking if we had a what I consider a listening platform in our tool. We don’t and we haven’t built on for 2 simple reasons. It’s easy (beyond easy) to find content to curate in any market or any niche. You just need to set up a series of listening platforms using existing tools you most likely already use. The second reason we haven’t created one is… well we’ve tested all of them out there and none of them really work, or work as well as the ultimate listing tool of all… a person. We are still mocking out what this would look like but until we get it right we wouldn’t release one.

2. Find : Deliberately forage content from many sources.

This is one of the most important aspects to curation. Broaden  your horizon, your sources, your topics. Take unrelated topics and see if  you can curate elements from that subject area and relate to your niche or market. That’s the secret of top curators.

3. Follow : Click those inspirational digital breadcrumbs.

A good curator will step out of their bubble and sphere of influence often. I like to relate it to reading. If all you read was books on one certain subject your knowledge base would be very minimal. I believe you would have a much tougher time time making connections between different concepts. If you instead read a range of topics your mind would start to make connections, combining elements, solving problems for you. It works the same with curation.

4. Focus : Sharpen the sights and cull the chaff to find the good stuff.

Only one thing to say here… this should be the daily call of every curator.

5. Frame : Context is king so reposition & tell stories with the new found ideas.

This point is huge, this is actually where you can begin to build authority. One of the best skills you can employ is taking a new concept you learn and relating it to your audience through storytelling. If you can do that then you have a winning path no matter what you do. This is something that has to be practiced and at times becomes difficult but it pays off wildly when you get it down. 

It’s also the true secret to marketing and branding, this is also another reason why in my mind curation is a great process for anybody to take on. By curating you are learning many skills a new media marketer needs today.

Image courtesy of justadandak.com