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Are These the 4 Quadrants of a Content Marketing Plan? by Curation Traffic

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I came across this post from CMI and thought it was spot on. The lead quote and the image that accompanies is something that I think anybody employing content marketing should really understand. Let’s break it down a bit.

The consumer attention span is about the size of a gnat right now. We move on to the next thing super, super quickly. So it’s really important to be topical and relevant.

I see attention span only decreasing as more and more distractions will enter our daily lives, especially as younger generations embrace this near instant technology.

So when we take about being topical and relevant that means clearly defining your value and your niche your serving. This is important not only in content in general but really important in curation.

At the same time, our industry has been going down this real-time marketing train. We’re all trying to be more and more real-time, which tends to be, in large measure, sort of chasing whatever is happening and trying to attach yourself to it, which might be topical but not relevant to your brand.

This is true but the challenge I’ve always had with this is does this really convert? We’ve found that a mix of 40% what I would call real time content with a 60% focus on evergreen works really well.

So I think it’s the push-pull of, ‘How do I remain agile enough to be topical but at the same time staying relevant and true to what it is you’re trying to communicate and build for our brand?’

This is the challenge you face even if your not a brand. A big mistake I think people make is injecting pop culture into their content to force some form of relevancy.

That’s where I think the graphic here really defines a well rounded strategy. An exercise worth doing is taking these 4 quadrants of content (produced, evergreen, execution, and perishable) and mapping where you currently are. Also map where you would want to be. Then map it back to what you can really execute.

It’s also interesting that they placed curation in the evergreen/executional quadrant. I’d agree because good curation can stand the test of time (that is unless your curating to an audience that is fed by the latest and greatest, E.X. celebrity gossip).

Good stuff here, read more below:

Image courtesy of contentmarketinginstitute.com