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Google’s Matt Cutts: Create, Curate, Don’t Aggregate by Curation Traffic

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Here’s another really good post launched by some advice from Matt Cutts from Google. It answers a few questions we get often… which should I focus on creation or curation? Also, what is the difference between curation and aggregation. One outlier in the aggregation space would be TechMeme.com. If you could employ a similar model then I think aggregation is a great strategy. Short of that it’s probably best avoided. Here’s more from this piece:

Matt mistakenly refers to content creation as content curation, and refers to aggregated content as auto-generated content. In the course of his explanation, he wholly ignores curated content. Below I have attempted to clarify his explanation along with clear distinctions between aggregated content, curated content and created content. Be cautious with aggregated content.

  1. Don’t repost full articles.
  2. Create content as much as possible.
  3. Consider content curation.
  4. Add value to your curated content.