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STOP Egocentric Content Marketing by Curation Traffic

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Such a good phrase: Egocentric Content Marketing. I think this is the first time I’ve come across that exact phrase but it succinctly describes how most content marketing is employed. In the end an effective content marketing strategy is not about you or  your company it’s about your audience or your target market.

That’s also why curation is a great additional strategy to any content marketing. Curation at it’s core is less egocentric than the plain old vanilla content marketing. This is because at it’s heart curation is pointing to another source or multiple sources.

The article here written by Michael Gerard makes tons of great points about this here’s just one of them:

As marketers, whether we realize it or not, most of us have been curating content for quite sometime now. Examples include: Tweets that provide short commentary and a link to an article of interest to your readers; a blog post where you quoted a couple of comments from other experts on a specific topic and then offered your own insight and guidance; or an infographic where you gathered data from multiple sources, with attribution, to provide value for your readers. However, only the most advanced content marketers are fully leveraging curation to improve their inbound marketing strategy, and with great success.

I’d add one thing. If you are already executing a content marketing strategy and not employing curation– start now. If you haven’t quite got a content marketing strategy going I would suggest you start with curation. For tips and advice on how to do that you’ll find our podcast and blog here at Curation Traffic is full of how to and specific guides on how to get this done.

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