State of the media and possible business models

By Curation Traffic


The search for a sustainable system for online publishing is a classic that never stops obsessing industry experts. This week, the entrepreneur and Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen kicked off an interesting and sustained debate on Twitter (here there is a Storify) on the state of the media and possible business models. Andreessen, who says he is optimistic, tries to analyze, tweet after tweet, the reasons that led to the decline. First of all the collapse of the monopolistic and oligopolistic market news system, in a scenario where traditional media (radio, tv and newspapers) no longer have exclusive control of distribution channels nor hereditary privileges in the process of collection, preparation and dissemination of news. Furthermore, the enlargement of its base makes the advertising market more complicated, adversely affecting the value of  journalistic products (more competition means more content and a collapse of quality).