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3 Tips for Choosing Your Topic for Content Curation by Curation Traffic

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Good tips here on content curation and wanted to expand a bit.

While its been around for some time, content curation continues to be a popular buzzword in the content marketing realm. To curate content means to find, organize and share topic-specific information into an editorialized narrative. The content should add value for audiences bombarded with new content each day.

1. Think About Your Brand

That could be a brand or personal brand (if you’ve followed us on our other blog at YouBrandInc.com) you know we have a very specific spin on person branding. Basically do great things then think about your personal brand. But the important thing here is to keep in mind what you want associated with your brand.

2. Think About Your Audience’s Needs/Wants

Good content focuses on your audience first. It also entertains, educates, and helps them solve a problem. That problem might be just taking their mind of something for a bit so you can create advertising revenue. The key is look at curation from the perspective of who is going to consume it.

3. Think About Your Resources

This is a big one. What really wins with curation is consistency. The biggest reason why people aren’t consistent is they underestimate the amount of time and effort will take (and sometimes they loose focus or drive). If you plan out the who and how of your curation efforts you’ll have one step up before you begin. If it’s just you it’s important that you put in  your schedule “curation time”, this is when you’ll focus on curating. What ever time you have in your calendar we’ve also learned you probably should double it at first.

There’s more insight on the original article that prompted this post, you can check that out here:

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