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4 Emerging Strategies of Content Curation by Curation Traffic

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Is there an overlap in the different types of content curaiton strategies? Some of the answer is provided in a piece by Jeff Giesea. I resonate completely with the first part as when I discovered the DrudgeReport I saw good curation in action:

If I had to pinpoint when content curation came on my radar, it was when Matt Drudge broke the Lewinsky story and I, like everyone, discovered The Drudge Report. A few years later I built my first company around curated content for specialized industries. At the time, I liked to think that I was channeling the spirit of Henry Luce, who started Newsweek and Life Magazine with curated content in the 1920’s and 30s.

He goes on to break down 4 emerging strategies of content curation. We talk about each one of these quite a bit here but I thought putting them in a matrix like Jeff did provides some good context.

  1. Community link-sharing
  2. Editorial Link Sharing
  3. Community Content Sharing
  4. Editorialized Content Curation

I won’t cover each one of these individually because Jeff does a good job in his post but I do want to add a few thoughts. First up, each one of these strategies takes focus and effort for it to be successful. The easiest form of curation would be editorial link sharing. When I say easy it’s really means it takes the least amount of effort to put into action– not acquire an audience. The next would be Editorialized content curation — that’s what we do here and what the Curation Traffic System has really been designed for.

Community link sharing and community content sharing are the hardest to implement. That’s because this involves engaging and managing with a community. Compare that to the other forms of curation where you’re more or less building an audience. Finding and keeping a community engaged is one of the hardest strategies to implement. It’s also the one where you have to be fully committed for it to truly work and be worth the effort.

Here’s why I like editorialized content curaiton. You’re not simply just providing links to another source you’re providing context, an opinion, and your thoughts. It also allows you to test the waters to see if you can start a more community focused strategy. If through your curations you begin to have traction you can start to add more community driven components. It’s really the best first approach to content curation there is.

If you want some more examples in each of the four quadrants I suggest you visit the link below.