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5 Steps of Effective Content Curation by Scott Scanlon

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Below we share another concise that covers the 5 steps involved in content curation. Here’s the steps with some of our commentary:

Step 1 – Goals. Define why you’re curating, is it for authority, traffic, or both?

Step 2 – Topics. Decide on the topics and type of content your target market will care about. Also think about the type of content you want to be known for.

Step 3 – Sources. Find sources, in the end your sources are gold. They are what set you apart and keep people coming back.

Step 4 – Sense Making. We tend to call this commentary or distilling down the content. A good curator will always find ways to limit the clutter and get to the essence of a story or post.

Step 5 Sharing. Share your curated piece of content with attribution. Of course we recommend that you do this on a platform that you control but publishing your curation is the last important step.

Nowadays, so much content is being produced online at such a rapid rate. There are loads of websites online writing about every topic there is. However, with the exponential growth of the content over the internet (much noise!), it is becoming harder and harder to reach and find quality content about a certain topic and here is where content curation shines.