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5 Tips for Becoming a Better Curator by Curation Traffic

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Rock the Deadline created a really good post on curation. Here’s one of the best lines I’ve seen that really sums up one of the biggest success points for curation:

Content curation is an art, not a science. The most useful tool is you.

This is something we talk a ton about not only on our blog but also in the podcast, you– the ultimate curation tool.

That’s why automated curation has a long way to go. It’s also one of the reasons why our focus has been building a simple to use tool where you own the platform.

I also think these tips are spot on but wanted to add a little bit of commentary to the mix:

1. Nail your interests. Give your curation character.


This is one thing I don’t see talked about much in curation– that is ensuring what you curate holds your interest. It’s not to say you can’t curate things that don’t interest you but when you align your interest with your markets interest it really does shine through.

2. Look beyond the obvious sources. 

Awesome tip here and one of the secrets of good curation, we call it Horizontal Content Curation (quick slideshare).

3. Get out more.

Share, share, and share. The state of digital media today means that it’s easier than ever to reach your target market and sharing your curations allows this to happen. It’s also why we’ve built sharing as a core part of Cuation Traffic.

4. Don’t thieve! Comment and credit to add value. 

Basically add commentary and always attribute. Although you can follow the Digg model and simply create a platform that highlights content and is highly effective.

5. Be original in your thinking.

This is another thing we talk a ton about. Don’t curate from places everybody else curates from. Don’t highlight the same aspect of story, think outside the box. Find ways to add value in ways that your market will be surprised.

Some really good unique tips here on curation, click below to get more insight into each and every one.

Image courtesy of rockthedeadline.com