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With This “Curation” Stuff Aren’t You Just Really Stealing People’s Information? by Curation Traffic

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Today we received a reply from one of the latest emails we sent:

I am very confused on the “curation” thing… But with this “curation” stuff aren’t you just really stealing peoples information? … from what it sounds like all the information would be from other people…how would that help me?

All great questions and in this post we’ll talk about:

  • Is curation ethical or is content curation legal?
  • Why would you want to have someone else’s content on your site?
  • The First Impression Trigger
  • The Authority Association Effect

So let’s talk about the “curation is stealing” question…

With content curation you’re doing 2 things.

You’re referencing another source of content and then adding your own thoughts (usually this is called adding commentary).

Content curation is used by just about any major site you can name and includes any national and local news site, buzzfeed.com, noteworthy.com, huffingtonpost.com, techmeme.com, drudgereport.com, msnnow.com, and so on.

In fact, if you’ve followed any well-known site you’ll discover they add more and more curation to their content mix as they grow. They do this for one reason… more traffic.

The web is all about eye balls and how many people you can get to your site to see your advertising and your offers. Curation is the quickest way to do that.

As far as using other people’s content, you’re putting into action exactly what happens on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all the sites mentioned above.

The technical aspect you’re using is called fair use. Fair use is a section of the copyright law which allows citation of content and related works. Obviously the key word is citation and not taking the whole article without permission.

So is this ethical?

Short answer is yes. The copyright law allows for people to cite sources, stories, videos, and ideas. The key element once again is cite and not reproduce in whole.

Simply copying a story is theft and even if you get away with it once eventually either the owner or someone else will call you on it.

Added note: With Curation Traffic your citation is done automatically for you and is something you don’t have to worry about.

If you want a full and complete run down here’s one of the best in-depth analysis that covers just about every detail on fair use and how it relates to online media.

The next questions you might ask is…

Why would I want to have someone else’s ideas or content on my site?

The biggest benefit we’ve already covered…

With curation it means you have more content, more traffic, more eyeballs, and more conversions.

But there’s something just as powerful happening behind the scenes…

Well, there’s 2 things really, these are called the first impression trigger and the authority association effect.

Curation done correctly means the main draw will be your opinion, your thoughts and your ideas and the original story is the launching pad for that.

This is taking advantage of the “First Impression” trigger (we’ll cover this in more detail in a follow up email) just know that people remember the first impression or contact they have with content more than what happens thereafter. It’s a powerful content marketing tactic we’ve only recently discovered and I can’t wait to share more about it.

Authority Association Effect

The next powerful element you’re putting into action with curation is called the Authority Association Effect.

This effect happens inside the mind of your visitor. The instant you highlight or comment on someone else’s idea this puts you in the same league as that person.

Imagine you are on a panel with some of the highest respected people in your market. Just being on this panel instantly gives you credibility with your audience. This same benefit works much the same way with curation only it’s a little more subtle.

In essence, the Authority Association Effect is allowing some credibility of your sources to be transferred over to you. This factor alone usually makes curation a sought after strategy.

Here’s a Bonus Reason why Curation Rocks…

Simply, it’s the fastest way to create content.

If you have tried to blog or write at all you know it’s pretty hard and time consuming.

Curation is easiest form of content marketing and blogging there is especially if you’re just getting started or haven’t made it happen in the past.

Think about it… the idea for the post is already there for you and all you have to do is add your own thoughts (commentary). It really is that simple.

When you use the Curation Traffic System curation becomes push button simple. It includes all the tools to easily cite, highlight, and add your own commentary.

For every new curation you release you’re taking advantage of the Authority Association Effect and the First Impression Trigger we talked about above.

Best of all, it takes minutes to properly put into action content curation.

Image by Sam Howzit