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SEO-Friendly Content Curation by Curation Traffic

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A good write up and case study on how curated content and SEO. In addition this piece makes a good case that all brands should be publishers. This is along the same lines as what we’ve talked before on the podcast— how most organizations should look at themselves as a media organization.

Curated content published on-site can provide SEO benefits of fresh, timely content if it is unique text linking to high quality resources paired with value-added commentary. Today’s savvy audience has high standards for content deemed worthwhile and sharable. Technologies are being built up around content curation.

Virginia concludes with some good advice on curation (that extends well beyond just good SEO practices):

1. Text should be unique on the Web.

2. Sources linked to should be of high quality. 

3. Add value to the collection, for instance through story-telling, new perspective or commentary.

All 3 of these elements are important not only in curating for SEO but curation in general.

Image courtesy of bruceclay.com