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Sourcing and Crap Detection 101 for Content Curation by Scott Scanlon

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Being a good curator means you’re not just providing tremendous value in many ways you should focus on treating your sources as gold. In thinking about this a little more for some upcoming episodes of our new content curation podcast I stumbled upon a great video and article on crap detection.

He talks a little bit about critical consumption. Which ultimately comes down to have credibility skills. Not just taking things at face value but diving deep and looking at the source. Looking for trust indicators and looking for easy ways to ensure your quoting or referencing a trusted source.

This goes beyond curation but also the consumption of information. I agree if we can teach people to have their own level of crap detection we ultimately have a better society. If you haven’t read the article referenced above it’s worth a read and also the video has tons of good insight as well.