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The Seven Best Practices of Content Curation by Scott Scanlon

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One thing often overlooked is how much writing can be enhanced with content curation. Many times our unique content is driven by the curation that we perform on a daily basis.

Here’s 7 really good tips on content curation from the wealthy web writer. …

1 – Find the Right Content

2 – Share and Engage, Engage and Share

3 – Use Multiple Platforms

4 – Stick to a Schedule

5 – Use the Tools You’re Comfortable With

6 – Measure Your Success

7 – Share, Don’t Steal

A few things to add to the great tips (click below to see more detail). For finding the right content we suggest setting up a series of listening posts.

While we agree with using multiple platforms one thing to focus on is to own the platform. It’s great to further your reach but if your reach doesn’t come back to some way to convert it’s often not worth the time.

The other tips are things we talk about often and we will cover most likely in future podcast shows.

Image courtesy of wealthywebwriter.com