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What Makes a Good Content Curator? by Scott Scanlon

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Okay, I saw this a little bit ago and I was sure what to think about it, but I came across it again today and I think it does give a good visual for being a great curator.

Part of being a Social Media Manager is culling the infinite sources of the web for the latest news, information, and resources relevant to your industry or target market. As a Social Media Manager, the content you share reflects your competence and expertise, and reflects how in-touch you are with the industry, thought leaders, influencers, and everyone in between. Sharing good content shows you understand what’s interesting and valuable to your target markets.

  1. A great curator has really long arms
  2. Super fast scanning eyes
  3. A Raised Eyebrow
  4. A belly full of hunger

All very true and all of these tips fit into what we call horizontal content curation. The one thing I would add is a good curator has a vocal voice. Meaning they know how to spot something good and then they also know how to add commentary or insight that add to curated piece of content.

Visit the original article here for a little bit more on each…