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What Marketers Say About Content Curation by Curation Traffic

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Most marketers (57%) say they should share 10 or more pieces of content per day to properly engage with their customers, according to a recent report by Trapit. Asked how many pieces of content a company needs to share/curate, survey respondents suggested numbers ranging from 0 to 135, with the most common response being 10 pieces of content (19% of respondents). Nearly half of marketers surveyed (45%) say they are unable to meet their curation goals and admit their companies do not share as much content as they should.

Some interesting numbers here and let’s get a little deeper on the number of pieces of curated content.

This depends on your the platform your on. For instance, if you have a just a curated site (running one of our themes for instance) then I agree a goal of 10+ is great. There you’re looking to be a destination for information for a niche or market. That’s not to say you have to do that much, we see plenty of people releasing 2-4 curations a day and being successful.

Let’s say you do curation on a blog like your reading here. Your blog is a mix of your own content and curation (that you curate with the Curation Traffic Plugin). Then a 10+ goal might not be the best bet. This will depend on your frequency, your visitors, and goals but typically for most sites that much curated content to unique content muddles the water of your core messaging.

That’s not to say you can’t do that (sounds like doublespeak here), if you’ve followed any site that has used curation as a backbone (Mashable, Upworthy, Buzzfeed). Some started with unique content then merged to content/curation. Some started as a pure curation model and then melded into a hybrid of creation and mass curation.

The Best Strategy IMHO

This is based on our own success with both curation and creation of content. If you can create content on a consistent basis start there on your main site. Let’s say you can create 1 post a day. I’d suggest curating 1-2 times on this platform.

Next, add a separate site like we have here (Marketing News) where  you do just raw curation. Here you will curate anywhere from 4-10+ curations a day.  On this site your typically covering the same topics on your main site but your expanding your sub topic areas.

With this plan you benefit from curation both in an adhoc addition to your main blog but also as a full frontal strategy on a separate site. If you implement it the same way we suggest you also have much of the same call to actions and conversion opportunities across all your platforms.

This strategy is not only effective in conversions it’s also doesn’t take a boat load of time (especially if you’re using the plugin). The one key that I haven’t mentioned yet is the true driver of success– consistency.

Staying consistent in your content marketing (curation included) is the overriding answer to success.

Image courtesy of marketingprofs.com & trapit