Curation Traffic FAQ

What is Curation Traffic?

Curation Traffic™ is a set of WordPress plugins and themes designed for easy and effective content curation. The Curation Traffic Plugin comes with the CurateThis™ bookmarklet which makes curating content from around the web push button simple.

Our All-in-One bundle is our most popular package. This includes all the Curation Traffic Themes & Plugin, instant access to the Curation Mastery Training, and as a bonus the Ultimate Call to Action plugin. With this package you have the most options in choosing how you want to curate today but also in the future.

What Version Should I Buy?

First up, our All-in-One bundle is our most popular package. This includes all the Curation Traffic Themes & Plugin, instant access to the Curation Mastery Training, and as a bonus the Ultimate Call to Action plugin. With this package you have the most options in choosing how you want to curate today but also in the future.

The Curation Traffic Theme Bundle has been designed to showcase your content but most importantly they have been designed to convert. Each theme is fully responsive, has its own stylish design, layout options, and unlimited color schemes.

The Curation Traffic Plugin version allows you to easily curate content on your existing blog or website. We also use this on our main site at This works great for when you want to curate something and it fits well within the unique content you create (see: Will Curation Overshadow My Own Unique Content?).

All versions come with an unlimited site license, meaning you can use them on as many of your own sites as you would like. Also, you will get instant access to our Curation Mastery Training.

Can I Use Curation Traffic On More Than One Site?

You can use all Curation Traffic products on as many sites that you own and control.

Here is the main thing with our licensing agreement…

Theoretically speaking lets say you own a marketing firm and you want your clients to use Curation Traffic, you can’t buy Curation Traffic and share it with all your clients. Each client would have to buy their own copy and license for each product.

But you can use Curation Traffic on all the sites that your company personally owns and actively participates in and you can have multiple collaborators on each of those sites (like employees).

Now if you and your brother are starting a completely different company, separate from the company that you bought Curation Traffic with, then you would have to re-purchase the theme with a new license for the separate company.

Click here to view our license agreement.

What is Working with Curation Traffic Support Like?

Usually, we always answer our support requests within 24 hours if not sooner, especially if a user is having an error that is not allowing them to use the products (like an install issue).

We are very hands on and willing to customize things.. as long as the request is reasonable 🙂

We like to request WP access info and our technical team will actually log in and fix any error or make the customizations which many users have found this to be very helpful.

If you have any issues, questions, or ideas, our support team is more than happy to work with you. We usually like to communicate via our support ticket system in the members area but we will with you via phone, skype, or what ever works best for you.

Does Curation Traffic Have Any Search Capabilities or Suggested Content Features Built In?

Our platform does not have any search capabilities or suggested content features built.

To find the best content we teach you how to set up what we call a “Listening Platform”. In our Curation Mastery Training (included with the Curation Traffic Theme Bundle, Plugin or All-In-One-Bundle) we walk through many different ways to set up a listening platform through using external tools. Like:

RSS (feedly, google reader)

Social Curation:

Email, Bookmarking, Google alerts, and the trending websites.

We found that the best way to find the “gems” of content for a particular niche is through using the methods that we outline in our training videos, but we are considering building the Ultimate Listening Platform 🙂 .

Can You Curate Content from More Than One Source in a Single Post?

The focus of our Curation Taffic is really what we consider short form curation. Meaning if you’re on an article say at Techcrunch and you want to share that story, we suggest that you share it with commentary on a platform that you control. Our theme makes this process simple. We call this short form because it’s one single source and your typically just adding commentary around that one topic.

The other side is long form curation, kind of like what Storify puts together.

With long form, you are building a post typically around a topic and your pulling from multiple sources to build a post.

Curation Traffic is built for short form curation and will curate one content source per post.

Both long and short form curation have their uses but it really comes down to what you are trying to accomplish with your curated posts.

Does The Curation Traffic Theme Support Languages Other Than English?

We have tested our themes with other WordPress languages, such as Greek and Spanish and it worked. Over 40% of our customers are from outside of the U.S. and we have not heard any complaints about our themes or plugins not working with other languages and we have done support on many sites that were using Curation Traffic in a different language than English.

If you would like to try any of our products, we offer a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. So if for some reason something does not work how you would like it, we can try to fix it or you can get your money back.

Do You Have an Affiliate Program?

You can sign up to be an affiliate by registering here.

We pay 50% commissions on all referred sales!

The right to quote is a legal exception to the copyright. Curation Traffic and most other curation platforms and most major we companies including YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, operates under the US DMCA (

DMCA offers protection to users and ourselves in case of involuntary copyright infringement. But attribution is a must with all curation. Curation Traffic automatically links to the orignal content source and provides fields for easy image attribution if the content gives image attribution.

However, if you copy and paste the whole original story, then you’re clearly infringing copyright unless you’ve obtained permission from the content owner to do so.

If you are questioning whether or not you should curate a particular piece of content, the best thing is to ask for permission from the content owner.

Ultimately, we are not lawyers and we can’t guarantee that all curations will not violate copyright law.

Does Curation Traffic Have a Guarantee?

We have a 30-day no questions asked 100% money back guarantee on all Curation Traffic and You Brand, Inc. products.

Our products are digital so we could not print our Guarantee “On The Box” but you should definitely feel warm and toasty 🙂

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