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Curation Traffic Version 1.5 Has Entered Testing by Scott Scanlon

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We just put the final touches on version 1.5 of Curation Traffic. We are on track for a middle of next release for the new version. We’ve curated well over 1,000 different sources. I thought I would share a few screen shots. First up is our favorite new feature using our CurPull technology. Here Curate This grabs all the Twitter users so you can easily include them in your tweets.

It does more than just grab the Twitter users you can also view details such as:

  • Basic Profile Info
  • Followers
  • Friends
  • Updates
  • Klout Score
  • Latest Tweet

You can also choose to include or exclude certain users by clicking a button. Once you publish your curation these users are automatically included in your Tweet for easy sharing. This is a great feature and really allows you to interact with the producers of content your curating.

New Layouts

In the last post we talked about the new layouts. These include more traditional sidebar options.

We also have included a special sidebar for what is now called the OG layout. We consider this a much better option than how the original layout currently functions. Right now when someone visits a specific post they see that post highlighted. Then the page is populated with all other posts you’ve recently curated. While this is okay we just didn’t feel it was the most effective way to accomplish a conversion.

The end result is now if you have an OG layout you have an additional sidebar you can customize. This is more of a traditional sidebar as the visits to a single post would expect this type of function. This is a little tough to explain so in a later post we will have a video fully explaining how this works.

Here’s a final screenshot of one of the new layouts with 2 traditional sidebars. This layout is more of a traditional blog style and works well for interactions and comments.

Here are some other options we didn’t mention:

  • Curation Custom post types – separate¬†your unique long form content from your curated content
  • Social sharing location options – top, middle, and bottom.
  • Headline location options – you choose where you want your headline
  • Post behavior – you can choose how do you want your curated stories to function

Plus Curate This got a total overhaul which makes it faster and more effective in pulling in content. That’s all for this update, we will update again once we get closer to full release of v1.5.

One thought on “Curation Traffic Version 1.5 Has Entered Testing

  1. Alexis

    I’m also a big fan of Scoop.it Not only coz its very easy to use once you install their okobmarklet so you can add new content to the right topic, but once your topic hits a certain point, it tends to attract more readers and followers. Not sure about the link juice that comes with this portal, but that’s not my main driver anyway. What is appealing and what I opt-in to get alerts is how many times my content gets re-scooped and shared i like when that happens.

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