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Version 1.0 Has Been Released–and More to Come… by Scott Scanlon

Curation Traffic News

Okay, this is our first post on Curation Traffic. We released Curation Traffic a little over a week ago and the response has been much better than we anticipated.

I wanted to say thank you to everybody who has purchased!

When we first started on Curation Traffic we had one core goal. Create a curation platform that we control, that’s not hosted somewhere else, and is building the content and reputation for another platform. Our first version 1.0 is a great start towards that goal. To me  it’s one of the best curation platforms out there (but I’m a little biased).

So what’s next?

Tons, we are currently knee deep in development. We are looking to release a major upgrade here in the next 2 weeks. We should have the majority of the code completed mid-week. From there we will enter a pretty extensive testing phase.

Here’s some of the major updates we are adding:

  • 2 Layouts (Original and a Wide traditional blog version)
  • Sidebar layouts (left, right, left & right)
  • Super customization (you can customize everything)
  • Multiple sidebars
  • Full customization of menu
  • New look and feel (more modern as Adam on our team likes to say)
  • Revamped admin section
  • Code cleanup (so your site loads quicker)
  • Curation Bookmarklet now automatically finds Twitter user names so you can include these in your tweets
  • Plus a few more things that you’ll notice

Everyone who has purchased Curation Traffic get immediate access to the update when it’s released. If you haven’t purchased curation traffic visit the home page and click on the add to cart button, now’s a great time to get up and running curating content on your own platform.

One thought on “Version 1.0 Has Been Released–and More to Come…

  1. Anthony

    I really like the theme so far, good work and great customer support….thanks for that! I look forward to the new updates

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