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How to Use Curation in Your Marketing by Curation Traffic

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In today’s show we’ll talk about how to use content curation. How do you take the strategy of content curation and employ it into your own marketing.

So I’ve got this question recently from someone that was considering buying curation traffic. And they asked I think content curation is a strategy I should look at but how do I employ it? I mean what is the best way to actually use content curation? And I would say and then here is how I kind of answered the question but I’m going to expand on it a little bit.

Setting Goals

The first thing is you have to really set your goals. You have to think about how am I going to use content curation. Am I going to use it to get traffic and obviously that’s a lot of the goals of online marketing or digital marketing is to get traffic so people can see your offers, can join your permission channels. You can market to them. They can get to know you and ultimately you can form some type of business relationship or they can spread your idea. Right? So that’s kind of the gist of online marketing, having an offer and getting people to see that offer.

Curation works really good for that because one of the things that if you’re already doing content that curation allows you to do is it allows you to up your content game in really kind of a low-impact way; meaning that content curation in its kind of rawest form, especially the type of curation that we talk a lot about, short-form curation, can be easily done. So if you’re not doing it now on a consistent basis when you add to that, typically it means you can get more traffic. It’s traffic you wouldn’t ordinarily have.

Just Getting Started?

Now if you’re just getting started it’s another great strategy as well because it allows you to kind of test the water so to stay on whether or not you can employ this strategy of content marketing and curation will kind of give you feedback, real-world feedback, which I think is one of the things – this is another tangent but the question I get asked often is in digital marketing is where do I start or how should I start? And I always say the world belongs to those who ship.

So whenever you can ship an idea, a concept, an idea, your product, whatever it is out there, you’re going to get feedback from reality and I think that’s important. It’s drastically important in today’s day and age that you get feedback from reality and now more than ever you can do that and especially with content curation.

With content curation if you haven’t done any content marketing at all you can do content curation rather quickly and you can see if you can either garner an audience or if people really even care. So that’s another aspect that I would look at. Another way that you can employ content curation.

Curation Is a Great Authority Builder

Another important aspect of content curation is it does help you build authority. And it does this because we do business with people that we trust that we know and the more that you can be seen as someone who can wade through all the stuff that’s out there, all the information that’s out there and provide your audience or your target market with stuff they care about.

Or at least things that they find entertaining and engaging and that capture their attention, the more authority you can build within that market or in that niche or your niche or your market. So that’s another important aspect.

A Hidden Benefit of Curating

There’s another hidden benefit of content curation too that is, I see sometimes talked about, is something I learned first hand. I was doing a podcast called Defining New Media, and it was really 15 minutes a day and I was covering the stories that I saw every single day around new media, digital media, social media. But I noticed something after a couple months.

I noticed that when I was meeting with clients, when I was meeting with other people, when I was just talking in general. My knowledge, my sphere of understanding, my knowing what’s going on, knowing what’s coming down the road, my ability to make connections was increased because I was consistently curating content and I was consistently talking about it.

Content curation has a hidden benefit; keeping you in tune with your market.

Content curation does this for everybody that I’ve seen employ it. When they do it on a consistent basis, they become more in tune with their market. They start to see trends, and in a lot of ways they start to become more of an expert, if they are not an expert, they become an expert in some ways. If they are an expert, you become more of an expert and you become more finely tuned to the nuances within your market. So that’s another really important aspect.

And let me check here just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Learn your market, build authority, capture traffic to create leads. That’s another aspect that we don’t talk enough about in content curation. If you are doing any type of content marketing, you are doing any type of digital marketing, of course you are looking for leads.

You Learn Curation First Hand

One of the things with curation that really, and this is something we learned first-hand as well, curation, and you have to imagine your typical blog post. Your typical piece of content if you are doing content marketing is anywhere from 500-1000 words if not more. And your conversion opportunity exists within the sidebar, other aspects of your blog.

But in curation, especially short-form curation, your content to call-to-action ratio is sometimes a one on one basis. What I mean by that is if you imagine a piece of short-form curation. Let’s say it’s only this big, I don’t know if that’s the right way to do this. It’s this big, your call to action is about the same weight on that page, it’s about the same size. And we have found and we have studies, we have actual data that backs this up that in a lot of ways curation actually converts better than unique content.

Unique Content vs Curated Content


Now there’s one big difference here, unique content gives you the better ability, greater ability to persuade because it’s your own idea, it’s your voice, it’s your passion, it’s really kind of your key idea that’s driving that piece of content.

With curation, you are still ultimately pulling from someone else’s concept, someone else’s ideas, someone else’s insight. But the opportunity for conversion, sometimes goes up with content curation.So, it’s kind of a weird thing we discovered as we started going out there and curating, and we started looking at the numbers and we said, well that’s interesting in that our curated content sometimes in some forms converts a lot better than some of our unique content.

Now they are two different traffic sources sometimes, but often times they are the same traffic source. So it’s something to consider, it’s another advance topic around curation, but it’s something we found first-hand. So that’s another important aspect that a lot of times curation can help you increase your conversion, and it depends on some of your offers, and it depends on what you are curating.

So to wrap up, the best ways to use content curation is to build authority, to gain traffic to increase the opportunity for you to actually get prospects, get leads, get people to see your offers. The other aspect that it really helps you to understand a market, it really does. If you curate on a consistent basis, whatever market or niche you are in, you’re going to become more of an expert in that market.

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