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Is Commentary Necessary With Content Curation? by Scott Scanlon


Today we’ll talk about is commentary necessary in curation? If you’re employing the strategy of content curation or you’re thinking about it do you really have to add commentary? That’s what we’ll cover in today’s show.

Well this is question I get often which is what, if I’m curating content is it absolutely necessary for me to add commentary? And let me take a step back here. If you’re new to the strategy of content curation basically what you’re doing is you’re going out and finding the info, graphics, the posts, the bogs, the articles that are relevant to your target market or that you think your audience would care about and you’re sharing that.

And you’re sharing it hopefully on a platform that you own and that you control so that you can monetize; but ultimately you’re out there finding other content and you’re bringing it back and you’re highlighting it.

Here’s the Advice That’s Out There

Now there’s, if you’ve done any research or kind of reading around content curation, there’s a lot of the advice given that you should add commentary. You should add your own thoughts. You should add your own insight. You should really add to that piece of content that you’re curating. And while that’s, I think that’s probably the best strategy out there. It’s the best way to go out there and curate content.

In some ways you can actually curate content without adding any commentary. Now probably the most well-known example, or what I would consider the most well-known example, of this is the Dredge Report.

The Dredge Report, if you’ve visited the site, they really just highlight stories that you maybe haven’t heard of yet and it’s typically politics or culture news and just there’s no real commentary added. It’s just really a headline.

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Now I would argue that that headline itself is a form of curation because typically if you really look kind of behind the scenes what the Dredge Report editors do is they pull out what they consider the most important aspect of that story and they maybe rewrite the headline or at least highlight that element in the link. That I would consider is a form of curation without any commentary.

Here’s One Strategy We Employ

We’ve done it ourselves or we do it ourselves. We have a website called the “Best of the Web” and what we do is we curate what we find interesting. It can be anything from science to history to just culture news; so just something I find interesting. And we curate that.

We don’t add any commentary. What we typically do is we’ll summarize the article via our auto-summary feature in curation traffic. It’s a one-push button. Basically it summarizes the article automatically and then we just curate that. We allow the fact that we’re just curating that piece of content to kind of speak unto itself so that’s the form of commentary.

Building Authority with Curation

I would suggest though that if you really do want to build authority and this is kind of a different way of thinking about curation. A lot of times you’ll see out there, and we even talk about it, when you’re doing content curation you’re doing it to build authority, to get traffic, to capture leads, etc.

But one of the things that your target market does want is a connection and one of the best ways for you to be able to create that connection is to actually add your own insight and your own commentary and in a way be entertaining with the way that you’re adding commentary and the way that you’re highlighting the stuff that you’re curating. So that’s really if you’re looking to be really highly effective with content curation, that is the type of commentary I would strive for.

But I would say to kind of answer and I guess we kind of went around the question here a little bit. You can effectively employ content curation without adding commentary itself. You’ve just got to be really good at highlighting stuff that your target market cares about and be very obvious that just the fact that you’re highlighting stuff that you’re choosing that article. You’re choosing that post. You’re choosing that video. Just the fact that you’re curating that is the statement unto itself, is the commentary unto itself.

Consistently – the Real Secret to Curation Success

So hopefully that clears up any questions out there whether or not commentary is necessary. Once again a lot of this strategy or what we’ve talked about before is the strategy of effective content curation is about consistency.

As long as you can remain consistent you can do it time and time again, it’s something that your target market can rely upon, that’s where the effectiveness of whatever type of content curation or however you employ content curation, that’s where the success comes from. So hopefully that clears it up. I look forward to seeing you in the next show. And if you have any questions you can e-mail us. You can reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll see you in the next episode.