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The Best Content Curation Techniques by Curation Traffic

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Today we’ll talk about content generation techniques and what are the specific techniques that you should be employing in your content curation and what are some of the the best content curation techniques around those actions.

Monetization with the best content curation techniques

When talking content curation techniques of content curation there is a couple of things to keep in mind. Number one start with your monetization is something that has a lot of people excited about content curation and about how to monetize easily.

First, you’re spending time and effort or your team is spending time and effort, figure out how you get on monetize your efforts at least have a plan of attack on your monetization down and and because this do it plays a factor in a lot of the techniques around content curation.


The first content curation technique that we will get into is the technique of sourcing. Meaning how you find content to curate. What is your process? The first best technique is that you need to have a process and a series of tools to find content to curate.

Tools should be time saving and free up your time for more productive activities. Your tools should reflect your lifestyle and should never get you lost within the discovery phase.

Other folks who have very little time in general can often use tools such as RSS feeds and subscriptions to newsletters and other sources to quickly scan through their content selection in a breeze and set aside 2-3 things to truly take apart and curate at their next break.

We have a post on our site about branding called The Ultimate List Of Trending, Real Time Search & Social Websites and Social Mention is one of those platforms and we have a safe search on content curation using Social Mention that are tingles into the visit that same search bookmarked and that allows us to work curating stuff to go there and defined, the latest off happening across a lot of the social web that that’s a great tool is a great great thing in our process and we consider that part of sourcing the next technique you to look at is your publishing technique and we talk about that we talk about really the heart of taking the curate content and what your style you can add commentary are you going to just make the fact that you’re actually curating just the the art of the fact your curating is and not because you’re pointing out that article so that’s important to itself is there to be something you do in in line with the publishing that happens these are the Tyvek technique you need to start thinking about because it’s these little things that actually matter it’s these little things that actually do make a difference in the success of your duration effort.


The next content curation technique is commentary and that I talked about it a little bit really went when you talk about the techniques of commentary is a couple different techniques in adding commentary that you can go about the first one is you can take specific elements out of a visa content there is something that your curating and use that as launching pads into your thoughts meeting and we do this a lot will see a story on storytelling and will take that concept of maybe plot developments and will say okay plot developments here is what they talked about a block development will will will highlight the relevant stuff animals say how this applies to marketing is that when you’re releasing a product and you want to tell the story the product make the product and Baxter were make make this element the back story. like will be applied and then we related to marketing assets have the best that’s a technique of of duration that that we look to employ often get to do something similar in your own stuck it to say is is that what I’m going to employee my commentary and there what I’m sure I think we’ve done a show oneness about commentary and is required is not required because a lot of times just like I see this would twitter people follow people on Twitter because they share great links a lot of times they don’t have a lot of commentary you can a lot of commentary but just the fact that the sharing that link makes it relevant so that’s another aspect is that a technique that you want to employ.


The final content curation technique is sharing which is an important aspect this is something that is a hidden aspect to a lot of duration strategies I see employee and is one, secret here that can give you out along Agassi re-usability of your content if you keep in mind what I mean by that is you should be sharing undercarriage you should be curating on a platform that you control. Then to to get traffic you really should be sharing these and other platforms like Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ where you can participate that’s one of the best ways to lead people back to your platform and to monetize the actual friends Curation Traffic we built were sharing is pretty much the next step in the process.

You find the content we will bookmark what pulls and you publish it and then the next step is to share it so we can build that and the did secret I will share is that you should be curating evergreen content meaning that the landscape of social media probably isn’t in the change your in the next couple years to remain Facebook Google plus other and other networks like that right so the think about it imagine you curating something that you could share every couple months for the next couple years asset type the stuff you want to curate because that allows you to benefit from your effort of creating commentary to the actual act of curating well into the future where if you’re curating a lot of stuff like the of the latest release from Apple or the latest release from some other stuff in your industry that might be good in my be my be up to the moment stuff but you won’t be able to re-share that and maybe one or two or three years of women curating for years in a we have it within our our third part therefore cycle is some content that we three shared for 2 to 3 years because Evergreen and he continues to get off dancing continues to get engagement it continues to get traffic and that’s because we we really started curating Evergreen content we really focus on curating Evergreen contact so that’s a great example of our that’s a great technique the you should employ in your duration efforts summary.

The Four Best Content Curation Techniques we talked about in this podcast are:

  • sourcing
  • publishing
  • commentary
  • sharing

You should look at each one of these buckets of concentration and say what the techniques that ongoing employee what are the techniques that I should employ an and a lot of times this is something else will we find as people start curating themselves but they get to the point where this does that their team grows they want to grow they want outsources if you develop the techniques and you can put into a system outsourcing deterioration becomes a lot easier because then there’s techniques arty place there is this, the a system in a process the how you do things and that can be transferred over to someone else sets another important aspect really get these techniques Having a questions have any other feedback you got in touch with us or if you don’t just the look below, website definitely subscribe in iTunes if you’re on You Tube you can subscribe to our channel as well I look forward to seeing you in the next show.