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What is Content Curation? by Scott Scanlon

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what is content curation?

In the first episode of the Content Curation Podcast we answer the question of what is content curation?

We first lead off with 2 examples of curation from the real world. A more traditional version from a museum and how the artifacts you find on the wall, in cases, and displayed are put together by a curator (or group of curators.)

We also talk about how you would see a curation of books in a bookstore. Imagine your walking down the aisle of a local bookstore and at the end is a sign “best marketing books” as chosen by the staff. This is another form of curation.

What is Content Curation in Digital Media?

In it’s essence content curation in digital media is when you gather, publish, and share relevant posts, articles, videos  infographics, images, slide-shares, and other related content that a target market or a nice would care about.

In the end this is the “what” in content curation.

Let’s break that down a bit…

To gather is to find (and I would say find) on a consistent basis. To publish is to distill a piece of content down to important points of value. And it’s really important that it’s highly relevant to your target market.

It’s also important to point out that content curation also allows you to build authority, capture some good traffic, and ultimately helps in your brand building.

Show Bonus Material

Towards the end of the show I mentioned the presentation, visit here to see the 11 Examples of Content Curation in Action. This slide share does a really good job of showing what is content curation.

We also end with why it’s important to know what content curation is and why it is a great additional content strategy you can put into action.

It’s perfect for a beginning content marketer because it essentially trains you how to spot great content. It also works for the seasoned content producer because it allows you to get even more attention, traffic, and audience than  you currently have.