Modern & Responsive Themes Designed for Conversion and Content Curation

curation-theme-bundle-themesWith the Curation Traffic™ Theme bundle your search is over for the perfect content curation theme. Each theme has been designed to showcase your content but most importantly it’s been designed to convert. Here’s a few of the main features:

  • Multiple Layouts & Styling options – each theme has its own stylish design, layout options, and unlimited color schemes.
  • Conversion Built-In – banners, social sharing, and custom sidebar conversion points
  • Works Perfectly with CurateThis™ – Built using the standard WordPress framework, each theme works seamlessly with the Curation Traffic Plugin and the CurateThis™ bookmarklet but you can also use any other WordPress tools on the market.
  • Fully Customizable – There’s no need to be a design genius, the Curation Traffic™ themes can be easily customized and a great looking site without touching a line a code.
  • Multi-site license – use each theme on as many of your own sites as you want.
  • Lifetime Updates – You get all updates, for life, for free. If we add a new theme to the Curation Traffic Theme Bundle, you get that too!
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CurationHue Theme

Curation Hue is the grand-daddy of layout and customization options. If you are looking for a robust magazine theme that is built for easy navigation and promoting all your content then CurationHue is sure to make you smile right out the box.

SEO friendly with Social share buttons built into every page to ensure your content gets traction across the web.

  • Super styling options - You can style just about every element with the CurationHue theme.
  • Flexible layout - Choose none, 1, or 2 sidebars-- also each page can have it's own custom layout.
  • Featured Slider - the CurationHue theme comes with a built in freatured slider.
  • Social Share Buttons - sharing buttons built right in.
curation hue wordpress theme

CurationNews Theme

Build to withstand an earthquake, this theme is perfect reading and promoting massive amounts of content across all devices.

Add your header, logo, social icons, banners, and call to actions that are sure to capture attention and increase your conversions.

  • Full resposive multi-purpose perfect for news or a magazine blog
  • CurationNews scales for small devices, tablets, and browsers with built in Bootstrap features
  • Built in banner advertising and main page call to action section.
  • Keep visitors on your site with bottomless scrolling the CurationNews theme loads new content as your visitor scrolls down.
  • The CurationNews theme was built from the ground up for content curation.
curation news wordpress theme

CurationPin Theme

CurationPin is a classy Pinterest look-a-like theme that is fully responsive and curation ready right out the box.

Easily customize your colors, logo, navigation and background to make your site stand out from the rest.

  • Pinterest inspired layout to showcase your curations.
  • Built in banner placement for maximum call to action conversions
  • Live Customizer - customize the CurationPin theme live with the built in WordPress customizer
  • Scalable design - theme looks good no matter where you view it-- on mobile, tablet, or in the browser
curation pin wordpress theme

CurationFlux Theme

A perfect design for active curators and photo bloggers who want a site that is easy to use and looks great on any device.

This theme comes with full customization including header, menu, background and fonts for whichever look fits your style.

  • Minimalistic by design - Built to show off your curations and highlight your call to actions
  • Built for photo viewing, news sharing or an active blogger.
  • Add widgets to the footer area like, blogroll, copyright info or any other information you can think of
curation flux wordpress theme

Curation Mastery Training

From Curation 101 to Advanced Content Curation Tactics .

In our Curation Mastery Training you'll learn how content curation can be a strategy you can easily employ. This video course is perfect for the seasoned content marketer but also begins with 101 topics for someoone just getting started.

We've been using content curation in our business for years so the knowledge you gain in this training simply can't be found anywhere else. We share with you the nuts and bolts of a profitable curation strategy.

Here's What You'll Learn In the Curation Mastery Training

Learn How to Curate in Any Market

The strategy of content curation works in any market or any niche. In this module we cover the 'mindset' elements of being a good curator.

Building Instant Authority

Curation when employed well allows you or your company to build authority. The key is becoming a good curator and stand out from the pack of others within your market. That's what we cover in this module.

How to Create the Ultimate Listening Platform

To be a good curator you have to find the best content in your market. In this module we take a 10,000 FT view of finding the best content in your market.

How to Capture Traffic on Your Platform

Conversions happen when you have traffic. In this module we cover capturing traffic within your curation platform.

Getting Started With Curation

In this module we cover what it takes to have success with curation. We also cpver some general things to keep in mind as you begin to employ content curation in your marketing.

Curation in 15 Minutes a Day

Curation shouldn't rule your day or be a time suck. With the right tools and right mindset curation can be easily employed in minutes a day. That's what we cover in this module.

The Ultimate Curation Platform

This should be your goal, set up a curation platform to rule them all. Simply put that's what we cover in this module.

Advanced Curation with RSS

In this module we walk you through how to set up an advanced listening post using the latest RSS curation tools. This is one of our favorite strategies for setting up niched focused content discovery platforms.

Social Curation Tools

In this module you will learn how to use social curation tools to find the best content to curate. Also how to stay ahead of the trend so it looks like your a future teller, a great strategy to build authority.

The Bookmarket Method

In this module we share with you a simple but elegant strategy to curate content from some of your favorite sites. It's a strategy that after you see it in action you'll be using it time and time again.

The Subscription Model

In this module you will learn about another one of our favorite content grabbing strategies. Using this method you can easily get the must share content in any niche or market.

Taking Advantage of the Trend

In this module you will learn how to spot trends so you can be ahead of the wave with your curations.

Profiting wiith Curation

Here's where the rubber meets the road, monetizing with curation. In this module we cover how to profit with when curating at a high level setting the stage for the modules that follow.

Monetization Basics

In this module we cover what basic knowledge you should have to monetize your content. This module also will give you a good foundation for the modules that follow.

Designing Your Site

One of the most important aspects of converting with your site is understanding how to design it to convert, that's what we cover in this module.

Curation Authority

In this module we dive in deep and cover what it means to build authority with curation.

Curation Advertising

So what advertising works best for a curted website? That's what we cover in this module, banner ads, adsense, text ads, and other forms of monetization.

Best Practices with Curation

In this module we cover advanced content curation strategies with that take into account everything we learned so far.

Headlines and Sharing Tips

If there's one skill you should master it's the art of the headline. That's what we talk a little bit about here. Plus we add a few social sharing tips.

Talking to Your Rss Tool

Bonus module with advanced RSS techniques for finding the best content.

Curation Traffic is a well-conceived tool that makes curating articles a snap! The support can't be matched, it's the best. Anyone who wants a curation tool should check this out first and go no further! Stephanie Diamond, President, Digital Media Works, Inc., Author of Social Media Marketing for Dummies

Been using Curation Traffic for about two weeks now, and am starting to see some steady traffic growth. Love the theme and it's becoming my hub of activity! Victor Gaxiola

I think you went the extra mile and I really appreciate it. I don't see support like this often and I just wanted to say thanks. Once again I would like to say thanks for taking charge and getting in there and helping me out Douglas Coffman

I just created that best of the web sub-folder I think on Sunday and I am already getting about 50 hits a day to that section! Wow! I guess people love it. I can't tell you how long I have been looking for something like this!!! I have tried using the "press this", storify, instant content curator pro, page one curator, scoop it, quora, the "" bookmarklet, evernote, curata, .. . and I know I am missing some. None of them do what I want it to do. This thing is a godsend! I have added it to ALL of my sites... LITERALLY! LOVE IT!!! YOU ROCK!!!" James Holl

Bonus #1 - Instant Download 450+ Niche RSS Feeds

One of the biggest questions we get at Curation Traffic is how do I find good content to curate?

While we cover that extensively in our Curation Mastery Training we go a huge step further.

When you purhcase Curation Traffic you'll get your hands on 450+ niche seperated RSS feeds ready for you to import.

You'll be able to import these feeds into your favorite news reader program, such as Feedly, Newsblur, The Old Reader, Digg Reader, Pulse, plus any other news reader that allows you to import RSS feeds.

The best part, these feeds are already pre-sorted into niche markets, allowing you to easily find the latest and greatest content to curate.

Bonus #2 - Analytic and Sharing Dashboard

Now you can easily share your most popular and latest posts with ease, delivering you consistent visits and views to your most popular content.

The analytics and sharing modules comes bundled with all of our products and is a huge time saver by allowing you to easily sort and share your posts via Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

  • Curation Hue – The grand-daddy of layout and customization options. This robust magazine theme is built for easy navigation and promoting all your content
  • Curate Flux – Perfect design for active curators and photo bloggers who want a site that is easy to use and looks great on any device.
  • Curation News – Build to withstand an earthquake, this theme is perfect reading and promoting massive amounts of content across all devices.
  • Curation Pin – A classy Pinterest look-a-like theme that is fully responsive and curation ready immediately after installation.
  • Curation Mastery Training - Instant access to our content curation training where you will learn how to content curation can work for you.
  • Weekly Member Email - You'll also get our weekkly member email where we share the latest on traffic generation and curation monetization.
  • Access to Support - As a member you get access to our world class support.
  • Tutorials & How-Tos - Instant access to extensive library of product tutorials and how-to's.
  • Unlimited Site License - Us on as many of your own sites as you would like.
  • Lifetime Updates - You get all updates, for life, for free. If we add a new theme to the Curation Traffic Theme Bundle, you get that too!
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - ustomer satisfaction is our number 1 priority here at Curation Traffic.
  • Bonus #1 - 450+ Niche RSS Feeds - Instant download to our painstankely created niche seperated RSS feed.
  • Bonus #2 - Analytics & Sharing Module - Easily share your most popular and latest posts with ease.

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30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority here at Curation Traffic and You Brand, Inc.. We want you to make the most of the features of Curation Traffic, so we’ll always take the time to help you if you’re struggling with anything. But if you find that it’s not for you, you have a full 30 days to let us know and we’ll happily refund you in full.

I am really happy with the way this system works,it is just a dream to use you can curate a professional blog post together with images attribution and twitter attributes in 10 minutes and the best thing from what I can see is that Google loves it. Den Nicholson

The Curation Training Videos are quite priceless. To me at least, as I am just starting out and have no in depth knowledge on how to start a successful Curation Site. The videos teach you how to get all the content you need and how to curate them at the shortest time possible to get the best results.... I felt I got my money's worth just by watching those Videos. Costa Fong

"Really love your themes - it's amazing! I've been looking for something like this for a long time! (And your video tutorials are extra awesome.) " Michele McDonough

This is exactly the tool I have been looking for. It allows me to share my ideas that stem from a ton of great content from the web. The customer support is amazing and I cannot wait to fully realize it's potential! VP. Marketing & Communications

Curation Traffic is build on the foundation to share knowledge so from my perspective it is a excellent product. If unique content creation is struggle then Curation Traffic is a great platform to start curating content about any subject of interest. And they have awesome support team and helpful tutorials. Anjeer Rahman, Chief Promoter

Curation Traffic is a cool tool! Sebastian Foo

I've used Curation Traffic for months and just recently got the plugin bundle. It's something I use everyday and I"m not sure how I ever got by without it before. The main thing I like about it is when I don't feel like doing a blog post I can easily curate a few things for that day. My theme site is doing good, although I just changed my topic but the traffic has been good. One more thing the team here (not sure how many) is awesome, some of the best support I've ever had. I had an issue with the plugin at first and they fixed it fast. I'm very happy and hope you guys come out with other products. Amy Noteworthy

I really bought a lot of stuff during my internet marketing courses of the latest few years. Alsoother Wordpress Themes. I experienced very bad customer support to good support as well. But, the support I get from Curation Traffic is extremely well and quick. I Highly recommend this theme and training to anybody who is serious in website building, internet marketing etc. Evert Stormink

Using your plugin I went from a nothing website and getting well over a 100 uniques a day in less than 7 days. Pretty good for a very specific site. Mark

I've used several plugins, themes and software apps for curating content on my sites. The completeness of the training, quick response support and visitor/search engine friendly functionality of Curation Traffic make it an easy favorite for me. Harold Brown

Never had a more responsive customer support than yours. Really impressive, thanks very much for all your help! Ellen

You guys have mind boggling awesome customer service, it's like you know the question before its asked:: Phenomenal job and software! Kenya H.

I'm enjoying the plugin and am pleased to finally find Curation Software that makes the process fast and enjoyable. You can quote me on that! Lee Elliott

I'd rate you guys in the top 5 of any company I've dealt with Jae Taylor

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