Here’s What’s Included in the Enterprise Edition of Curation Traffic:

Our enterprise level of Curation Traffic is perfect for teams and organizations looking to capture traffic and awareness with content curation.

The All-in-One Bundle

The Entrprise Edition of Curation Traffic includes the All-in-One Bundle:

  • The Curation Traffic Theme
  • The Curation Traffic Plugin
  • The Ultimate Call to Action Plugin
  • Installation

Curation Consultations

Catapult your curation success with our exclusive consultations. We’ve been employing the strategy of content curation for well over year and consistently we generate over 10,000+ visitors a month with curation alone.

Our consultations are designed to get you up and running with a strategy of content curation in the quickest time possible.

Our initial consultation will cover understanding your goals, your organization, and designing the goals for your curation efforts.

We will also analyze your market to see what opportunities exist for curation.

Content Curation Plan – From there we create a plan on how curation will play a role in your content and inbound marketing. For instance how often should you curate, what type of content should you curate, etc.

Listening Platform Setup – We will also work with you to create the ultimate listening platform so you can easily find content to curate. This platform will be a series of systems that you will access to find content to easily curate. In addition, we’ll create a horizontal curation listening platform specific for your target market.