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Can Proper Content Curation Feed Your Thought Leadership?


Really good post from Schulyer Richardson at ContentEquaulsMoney on using content curation for thought leadership. The post is more of a point/counter-point take on using curation and is spot on in a lot of areas.

Aspiring thought leaders often stress over the idea of not being able to produce enough original content to satisfy the needs of their community. It can seem like an unrealistic goal to produce fresh, quality content all of the time; and quite frankly it is. But don’t fret, aspiring thought leader! Content curation can be your best friend. And while it has that going for it, it can also cheapen your reputation if used improperly.

That last part is critical. Curation done poorly can harm your reputation if you’re not adding value. But what is value? For example, does the DrudgeReport add value? How about Techmeme? Isn’t just the fact that these sites highlight content value itself?

I’d agree/disagree (kind of like a politician) on another point in the story. The “make it timely” or that is you’re content should have immediacy and relevancy. While it is highly effective to make sure your content is about the current trends it’s not always necessary. Instead of trying to be a real time curation expert what if you could consistently find timeless things to share (evergreen content)? If you follow sites like UpWorthy (and the various other sites that have popped up) you see this model in action. Often they can take something years old, repackage it, and release it for huge traffic gains. Say what you will about these sites but why can’t you do the same thing? I’d argue you should be doing the same thing.

That’s just some of my initial thoughts after reading this. It’s well worth a read and provides one of the best and quickest overviews of curation I’ve seen.

Image courtesy of contentequalsmoney.com