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Content Curation: Key Highly Effective Tips and Ideas

Content curation certainly has its supporters and detractors. Some suggest that it’s no different than aggregation, while advocates contend that it’s another way to share timely information and insights that support a brand and its corporate marketing goals.

Calls to action

One of the most important aspects of any content marketing strategy. We talk a ton about this in our training Curation Mastery Training. We’ve also talked about it on the blog quite a bit, How to Monetize with Content Curation. It’s also why we created the additional plugin Ultimate Call to Action.


If you’re doing any content marketing you probably have some form of analytics installed. It’s a must to check your stats but you should also be aligning these stats with the time and effort you’re putting forth. Ideally what you want to be measuring is conversions, social growth, and traffic.

Adding credibility

I would argue that the mere fact that your choosing to curate something your lending your credibility to that piece of content.

Curation inspiration

Remaining inspired to curate is one of those things that you don’t think about until your in the thick of executing the strategy. For instance, today in our live curating I just couldn’t find good curations right away. That is frustrating but that’s also why you need to have multiple listening platforms at the ready. That is if you haven’t built up a library of evergreen curations to go at a moments notice.


This one is huge as well. The biggest secret to ensuring curation is a low time intensive activity is to be organized. That organization comes down to being focused on having an easy way to find or save content to curate. Also that you don’t get too bogged down in reading content while your looking for curations. Another aspect is what we’ve mentioned already and have highly effective listening platforms that work for you.

Overall another great post on curation and we just wanted to expand a bit.