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Measuring Holistic Metrics Behind ROI in Content Marketing

One of the biggest topics around the virtual watercooler when it comes to content marketing is measuring ROI. I’ll expand on that a bit here in this post but first I wanted to showcase some key ideas from a post at WYZOwl.com:

Content marketing sure is in fashion at the moment. But lots of people are, perhaps understandably, reluctant to follow fashion for fashion’s sake.

The good news is that there are obvious things that you can measure. You can use analytics programs to understand where your traffic comes from – meaning you can measure content-driven inbounds, evaluate which particular pieces are creating interest and driving traffic, and understanding how customers behave once on your website.

The full value of content is much more sophisticated and difficult to calculate than this. Principally, this is because content has other, holistic benefits which can’t really be quantified – it builds familiarity, relationship and trust among your audience, which can’t be defined numerically. Via wyzowl.com

In a nutshell the holistic value of content marketing is what I’ve found to be the biggest payoff.

Look at it this way. Let’s say you are interested in doing business with someone. Naturally you go to their website to do research. What looks better? A straight up sales/corporate site or a sales/corporate site that’s full of fresh ideas, content, even… curation.

Measuring the effect of a fully living and breathing website is tough to do. Sure you can ask a prospect how much your content or a full site played into their decision but often these are micro-decisions. These micro decisions act more as check marks as someone goes out and does research on you or your company.

So How Do You Measure These Holistic Metrics?

Here’s 2 ways we’ve found to be effective:

After a sales call or purchase provide the customer/prospect with a survey. Craft the survey in such a way where you can gain insight if your design or your content played a role in their purchase decision.

If you talk to your prospects or customers (which is always a plus) then ask them if they visited your website. If so, what sections. Did they see something that caught their eye?

In most of these responses you’re looking for indications that you’ve built trust or it moved the customer closer to seeing you as a solution or a reliable source of knowledge.

With a survey it’s easy to document and track. With a live phone call you just have to ensure that you do track these responses and you look for trends. Using these results in combination with your analytic solution should give you a good overview if your content plan is aligned with your target audience.

Image courtesy wyzowl.com