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Content aggregation vs content curation: How to compare?

One of the biggest questions we get is the difference between aggregation and content curation. A recent post from smartmediatips talks about the difference between content aggregation vs curation. While it’s important to understand the difference there’s a much more powerful idea to point out.

What if you could combine the two–both curation and aggregation? A really good example of this type of combination is TechMeme. If you’ve ever visited the site you see right away that they’ve curated the tops stories. Then below the main story they’ve highlighted there is an aggregation of the same topic or news. Very powerful stuff and something I think is worth striving for.

There are a lot of differences between Content Curation and Content Aggregation. Content curation is the new trend nowadays but it should be done correctly and properly in order to deliver real advantages, brand awareness and thought leadership.

Let’s have a look to the main differences to understand when content curation begins to be the right tactic as opposed to content aggregation that is taking place from ages.

This post was easily curated with the Curation Traffic Plugin.

5 Reasons Content Marketing Is a Must for Your Next Trade Show

Janise Fryatt wrote a great piece on how event planning and content marketing are a perfect match.

Successful trade show marketers understand the value of both building relationships and providing useful information about how their products solve customer problems.

Here’s the five reasons why content marketing is a must for your next trade show:

1. It builds SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
2. It builds thought leadership, credibility and trust
3. It encourages third-party recommendations
4. It creates leads who are more sales-ready
5. It works year-round

I can’t disagree with any of those. Integrating content marketing with any trade show solves one of the biggest challenges people or brands have when creating content… what type of content should I/we create?

The time leading up to a trade show is usually filled with tons of great ideas on marketing, promotions, and how to reach your target market. Seldom do all these ideas get used in the trade show. Instead of letting those ideas sit on the shelf use them. Create content around them. Get your audience engaged and excited about seeing you at the show. Tell consistent stories leading up to the show that will get people curious and wonder what you have  planned.

Also remember content marketing doesn’t stop during or after the show. You should go into the trade show with the plan to create content during and that will last for months after. While this is a little bit more effort it’s well worth it and usually the content you can capture at trade shows you can’t get anywhere else.

Click the story below get more detail on each of the 5 tips.

[this post took 7.24 minutes to create with the Curation Traffic Plugin]

Image courtesy of cvent.com

Perfect Example of Curation in Action

One of the biggest requests I get it is to show more and more examples of what a successful curation looks like.

So that’s what I’ll share today:

Here’s the highlights:

  • It took me 7 minutes to create this curated post (using the Curation Traffic Plugin)
  • So far it’s created 478 unique visitors
  • This post has added 16 people to our email lists
  • 3 people who have visited this post have converted to one of our offers
  • Social Shares: 16 likes, 10 G+, 8 LinkedIn, 63 Twitter
  • Where did the traffic come from: social media & search traffic.

Added note: our site is running the CurationHue theme and set up to convert. The CurationHue theme is part of the Curation Traffic Theme bundle or the All in One Bundle. I should also mention that we cover in detail how to set up your site to convert in the Curation Mastery Training.

Now let’s break down of how this curation is put together (there’s images in this email so to see everything you’ll want to click “show images”):

To see it live here’s a link to the curated post

First, I came across news that Facebook had changed their ranking on how posts from pages will be displayed to people. This is something I knew our audience would want to know.

I found the original blog post on the Facebook blog and used CurateThis (this comes with the Curation Traffic Plugin) to start my curation.

I then wrote a lead for the curation…

What is the goal of the Facebook news feed?

Today a blog post from Product Manager Chris Turitzin (News Feed Ranking) answered that very question, in addition to answering what type of content you should post.

He starts by sharing the results of tests:

This is one of the easiest things you can do with curation.

  1. Simply start with a question that the curated story answers
  2. Then intro the source so you can pull in relevant content (it’s really that simple)

That’s what I did. While the writing won’t win any journalistic awards it is easy and quick to do.

Next you’ll notice that I have some quoted text from the article. Then some commentary. Finally some more quoted text and more commentary:

What I’m doing here is giving my opinion but also distilling the information I just quoted. This ping pong approach to creating a longer curation is highly effective. It’s especially effective with breaking news like this that your target market cares about.

Now with the headline “So What Should You Post?” I provide the true answer to the question we posed above.

I create another lead in and then have curated text that talks about the type of things you should post on facebook as a page owner.

The one thing I did extra was wrap it up with my own thoughts. You could stop here and I was going too but before I published I had another thought that I felt could wrap up this curation nicely.

If you looked at the live post you’ll see all the way down at the bottom of the content is the line: See full story on fb.com.

This is the link attribution to the original story (which I also added in the first lead in I mentioned above). This happens behind the scenes when using the Curation Traffic plugin.

That’s it. In 7 minutes and a with a little commentary I easily created curated content that even as I write this is still generating traffic and conversions.

This is a perfect example of why curation is one of the single best strategies out there. It also showcases why curation is a simple quick to do strategy. That in the end is what I love most about it.

This is also something you can easily do yourself, all you have to do is pick up Curation Traffic.

You’ll get instant access to the Curation Traffic Plugin, that allows you to curate just like I showed you here. You’ll also get access to the Curation Traffic themes and the Curation Mastery Training. In the training we cover examples just like this one plus many more.

Announcing The Curation Traffic Content Curation Themes

We’ve been hard at work the last few months and now we can officially announce what has kept us so busy.

Curation Traffic now has 4 brand new themes. These themes are modern, responsive, and look good on any device. Each one of these themes have been built from the ground up for content curation and conversion.

The 4 New Curation Traffic Themes

These themes are:

  • CurationHue Theme – Curation Hue is the grand-daddy of layout and customization options. If you are looking for a robust magazine theme that is built for easy navigation and promoting all your content then CurationHue is sure to make you smile right out the box. See the CurationHue theme in action.
  • CurationNews Theme – Build to withstand an earthquake, this theme is perfect reading and promoting massive amounts of content across all devices. See the CurationNews theme in action.
  • CurationPin Theme – CurationPin is a classy Pinterest look-a-like theme that is fully responsive and curation ready right out the box. See the CurationPin theme in action.
  • CurationFlux Theme – A perfect design for active curators and photo bloggers who want a site that is easy to use and looks great on any device. See the CurationFlux theme in action.

Watch the Short Video Overview

In this video we share the new updates to the Curation Traffic Theme Bundle (v2.0). In this bundle is now 4 content curation WordPress themes built specifically for curation and conversion.

As with all our products you can use these themes on as many of your own sites as you would like.

The Existing Curation Traffic Theme Is Being Retired (v1.57)

First, the good news… as a Curation Traffic member (theme bundle or All-in-One Bundle) you now have access to 4 rock solid WordPress themes built specifically for curation and conversion. Before we dive into each theme let’s first talk about the existing theme.

Now onto the the Curation Traffic Theme. We are officially discontinuing the Curation Traffic Theme (at least for now, it might make a comeback in a few months but no solid promises yet).

Here’s what this means. We will no longer be developing or adding new features to the theme. We will still support it for 12 more months but only in the case of a critical update or error. Any new features, responsive design, new CurateThis additions are not and will not be added to this theme. You can still use it it just won’t be supported beyond fixing something that breaks.

One major thing to note. These themes do not have the functionality of the CurateThis bookmarklet built in. That functionality is now only in the Curation Traffic Plugin. So if you’re a All-in-One member and you are using the current Curation Traffic Theme you will have to install the plugin on this site.

If you are a Curation Traffic Plugin member you can upgrade to the new theme bundle. Login to the members area and you’ll see a special limited time offer to upgrade.

If you’re an existing Curation Traffic Theme member only you will have access to all 4 themes but if you use these themes you will lose the functionality of the CurateThis bookmarklet. Keep in mind you can still use the Curation Traffic Theme (v1.57) for as long as  you like. We just wont be adding any new features or updates. In the members area  you will also see a special limited price to upgrade and add the Curation Traffic Plugin to  your membership.

Official Release Announcement – Curation Traffic 2.0

It’s been a long time coming but we are excited to announce the newest version of Curation Traffic!

Quite a exciting and sought after updates (see full video overview below) and changes. If you’re an existing member simply log-in to the members area and download the new versions of the Curation Traffic Plugin and the You Brand, Inc. Plugin to get access. Or you should see an update in WordPress here shortly.

Added note: tomorrow we’ll release an update on the new theme options here at Curation Traffic.

Here’s what’s new in Curation Traffic v2.0:

  • Streamlined Look and Feel – This release we streamlined elements of CurateThis™, making things more clear, crisp, and putting into place the feedback everybody has given us over the last few years. You’ll notice a few things right away but you’ll probably also wonder why it wasn’t like this from the beginning (that was our first thought when we started putting it together).
  • You can now schedule posts in CurateThis! – We built all the publishing, scheduling and saving options you need right into the CurateThis™ bookmarklet for easy planning and effective marketing strategies
  • Featured Image and Image Handling Features – This feature was our most requested feature. Now you can auto set your featured image for easy integration with other themes on the market.
  • Custom CurateThis sizing – set a custom size for CurateThis to any dimension you would like (note: for any existing sites you will have to set the size and re-drag CurateThis to your bookmarks bar or tab).
  • Auto Image Attribution – now you posts will include an attribution to the image automatically.
  • Headline Clean shortcut – easily clean up unwanted headline text
  • Under the Hood – We did some major code refactoring in this release as well. What this means is we can have a more aggressive development cycle hopefully adding new features at a quicker pace. We are already testing a few that have a pretty excited but not quite ready to share yet.

The Details On The New Curated Images Feature….

You asked, we listened. Automatically adding featured images to each curated post was one of our most popular requested features from our users because with this update you now have the versatility to use Curation Traffic™ with almost any WordPress theme on the market.

Here’s the ins-and-outs of how this works:

You now have 3 options for your curated image. You’ll want to choose which setting makes the most sense based on how your theme handles images. Does your theme need an image to be a featured image? Or does your theme pick up the first image in the post box? Maybe your theme requires a featured image and an image in the post box for everything to look great. Whatever options you theme has we have you covered….

Your new options within the admin panel:

  • Image in Post Box (default): The image you select will remain in the post box.
  • Auto Upload, Set as Featured, Delete from Post Box: The image you have chosen in the post box will be automatically uploaded to your site (when you hit submit) and set as that posts featured image. The image in the post box will then be deleted from the postbox..
  • Auto Upload, Set as Featured, Keep Image in Post Box: Some themes only use the featured image on main pages, for the single post pages they only show images in the post box. This setting is just like the one above except it does not remove the image from the post box.

Here’s a quick overview of the Plugin New Features


What Marketers Say About Content Curation

Most marketers (57%) say they should share 10 or more pieces of content per day to properly engage with their customers, according to a recent report by Trapit. Asked how many pieces of content a company needs to share/curate, survey respondents suggested numbers ranging from 0 to 135, with the most common response being 10 pieces of content (19% of respondents). Nearly half of marketers surveyed (45%) say they are unable to meet their curation goals and admit their companies do not share as much content as they should.

Some interesting numbers here and let’s get a little deeper on the number of pieces of curated content.

This depends on your the platform your on. For instance, if you have a just a curated site (running one of our themes for instance) then I agree a goal of 10+ is great. There you’re looking to be a destination for information for a niche or market. That’s not to say you have to do that much, we see plenty of people releasing 2-4 curations a day and being successful.

Let’s say you do curation on a blog like your reading here. Your blog is a mix of your own content and curation (that you curate with the Curation Traffic Plugin). Then a 10+ goal might not be the best bet. This will depend on your frequency, your visitors, and goals but typically for most sites that much curated content to unique content muddles the water of your core messaging.

That’s not to say you can’t do that (sounds like doublespeak here), if you’ve followed any site that has used curation as a backbone (Mashable, Upworthy, Buzzfeed). Some started with unique content then merged to content/curation. Some started as a pure curation model and then melded into a hybrid of creation and mass curation.

The Best Strategy IMHO

This is based on our own success with both curation and creation of content. If you can create content on a consistent basis start there on your main site. Let’s say you can create 1 post a day. I’d suggest curating 1-2 times on this platform.

Next, add a separate site like we have here (Marketing News) where  you do just raw curation. Here you will curate anywhere from 4-10+ curations a day.  On this site your typically covering the same topics on your main site but your expanding your sub topic areas.

With this plan you benefit from curation both in an adhoc addition to your main blog but also as a full frontal strategy on a separate site. If you implement it the same way we suggest you also have much of the same call to actions and conversion opportunities across all your platforms.

This strategy is not only effective in conversions it’s also doesn’t take a boat load of time (especially if you’re using the plugin). The one key that I haven’t mentioned yet is the true driver of success– consistency.

Staying consistent in your content marketing (curation included) is the overriding answer to success.

Image courtesy of marketingprofs.com & trapit

Live Curating Recording and Converting with Curation

I had a little bit of time on Sunday so we rolled out a new live curating session.

In this video we are using the Curation Traffic Theme and the Curation Traffic Plugin.

You’ll see me put to use one of our one of our most favorite features, simple list curation.

I also talk a bit about our strategy behind our curated website. In addition, I break down our conversion points. One I spend a little bit of time on is the “menu” conversion point. I can’t stress this conversion point enough, if you don’t have a menu item that is a conversion opportunity I highly suggest you create one.

Here’s the live curating video recording: