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Content Curation for Real Estate & the Real Estate Professional

On today’s show we’ll talk about how a real estate agent, Realtor® or a real estate professional can use content curation in their own marketing.

Below is the transcript to the audio above. We do try to clean up the transcript so it’s easier to read but sometimes it’s a little tough bringing the spoken word to a easy to read format.

Here’s what we cover in today’s show:

  • The truth behind content curation and how it plays a role in your own content marketing as a real estate professional
  • The type of stuff that you should be curating
  • How to find stuff you curate
  • How to measure success
  • What are some success factors you should look at and whether or not the time that you are spending in curating is real worthwhile,
  • Plus much more…

Before we jump right in let me share a little bit about my background. I used to own a company called Minnesota rent or own here in Minnesota, we used to buy properties and sell them on a rent or own, we also then became a full blown property management company.

What I found during that process is that I didn’t really enjoy the real estate side as much as I enjoy the marketing side, it’s kind of where we are at today but I still keep in tune because I’ve got a lot of friends here locally that are real estate agents, they ask me for a for a lot of advice on how to market especially with content marketing and that’s a good wat into getting started talking about how to use content curation as a real estate professional

Social Media and Content Curation

One of the things that I’ve seen and talked about in the real estate industry is that you should be participating in social media which I agree with to some extent you should be and you should also be blogging, you should be doing content marketing.

I think that’s true to an extent, it’s also why I like content curation because you can participate in content marketing in a very light weight way and it allows you to do something that I think is drastically important because I actually had a friend the other day that asked me ‘Scott look I think you are doing a really good job with your content, I wish I could do as good as that, I’m spending 1 or 2 hours a day here writing a blog post and it seems to be working, I’m getting traffic but it’s not getting leads, it’s not generating emails, how long do I have to do this before I start seeing results?’

That is where I kind of said that this is one of my first questions to him was ‘Is creating a blog post once a day the single most important thing you can be doing in your business to be generating revenue?’

Let’s First Talk About Writing and Creating Content

His first answer was no, in fact I probably shouldn’t even be doing this and whatever, I think it was some kind of outbound calls or something, I’m not sure exactly what he said but he did say something specific and I think that’s the case for a lot of real estate professionals and I think one of the issues is that a real estate professional at least a lot of them I’ve met seem to be the type of individual that likes to be out and about, they like sales, they like people.

I’m not saying to write you don’t have to like people but I think writing especially a blog post, in some ways you have to be kind of a born writer but you have to also learn to write and if you haven’t spent the process, the time to learn quickly and efficiently there’s better things you can be doing with your time, that’s really what it comes down to because I think the other inherent challenge with real estate is that especially now with the changing, the way people are staying in their homes longer, I know this is different per market but people seem to be staying in their homes longer because of the economy and housing prices and uncertainty and everything else right?

The time from someone actually becoming a lead or someone aware that you are a real estate professional and actually needing your service could be years.

So you have to be of mind on a consistent basis, you have to be providing value on a consistent basis and that’s hard to do with content marketing if you are not kind of natural into it and if you haven’t worked it in so that you are highly efficient with it, it’s also why I said I like curation because let’s say you take that same amount to…

Double Your Content in Half the Time

You can curate 3 to 6 things that your target market, that the people in your farm area or whatever that maybe would care about in the time it would take you to write half of the post, that’s what I found, that’s why content curation at its core…

I believe every real estate agent has the ability to participate in content marketing,

I think the first step in doing that is content curation. I’m not just saying that because we created a curation platform.

I’m really saying that because at the core you are most valuable when you are doing the other activities for generating leads building relationships. It’s great to have that basis of content marketing but until you’ve honed the skill of highly efficient content writing it’s rarely worth it.

I typically say go make more money and hire it out. Or find a way that you can efficiently do it and have it edited because a lot of times what hangs people up is editing and finding the right image and all the other stuff that goes along with content marketing.

If you’ve tried content marketing as a real estate agent you’d know how that is, so that’s why I like content curation.

Goals of Curating

What are you trying to do as a real estate professional with your content? Ideally you should be building the biggest list possible.

You want the list in tow different ways, you want the list of email addresses that you can communicate to on a moment’s notice. You also want to build a direct mail list.

You want two core lists, you want an email list and then you want to find a way that you can actually get peoples address because if you can get people’s addresses you can start directing mail marketing to them and that’s one of the most effective ways to market to someone even in today’s day and age especially as a real estate agent.

So those are the two core things that I will focus as our goals, now that’s where curation kind of plays this kind of role, it help you on the content marketing side, it also helps you on the social side because what you can do.

Sources for Real Estate Curation

I’ll use my local area because I know it well, there’s a local news paper and I should know the name of the local news paper, it’s a local news paper that has an online edition as well, we have two news papers, I don’t know how long that’s going to last here, we have the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.

startribune.com1030Then we have a series of other kind of like niche news papers out there that all have online sections as well. Now these are things that the farm area that I live in that I would target as a real estate agent, these are things that they would be highly interested in, it covers their local topics, it talks about local politics, local things that are happening, the local cities to local crime stories and all that stuff, all the above.

Those would be my sources for content curation, I’m sure it’s the same in your city, big or small, whatever size city you are in.

You have this same type of sources, you can still pull from national stories as well but those are your sources for content curation.

The whole reason to do this is you want o capture the attention of people on a ongoing basis and you want to capture attention so they would come over to a website you control and you own so you can create a lead, so then you can build a relationship with them via email or direct mail.

Then they will eventually think of you when they need a real estate transaction or when their friend does.

If you are doing a really good job they’ll think of you when anybody needs a real estate transaction. That’s really the goal and what ensures that happens is consistently curating content.


I’ll bring it out kind of the full picture. If you’re consistently curating content on an ongoing basis where you become the source of what is happening in the local farm area. Covering things people are really interested and would check out often– eventually you’ll get them on one of your lists.

This is where social does play or you’ll get them on a permission channel which really social media is just another media channel for you to utilize, you’ll get them on the permission channels social media but it’s all driven by you actually consistently creating content, 2 to 5 things a day all form local news sources adding your own spin to it.

It’s really that simple to be complicated, I could try to complicate it I guess you could say but there’s no reason to.

Should You Create Content?

I think that every real estate agent can do content marketing.

You still have to ask if you’re efficient in writing, editing, publishing and all that other stuff. if you are not highly efficient I would start with content curation because the other thing content curation would do for you is teach you to be a better writer.

As you curate consistently everyday or 5 days a week for 3 months, you will be much more efficient at blogging and being a content writer. What I found is that people that curate especially real estate agents that curate start injecting their own post here and there.

They get more comfortable with the whole process, these are even with people that have tried and failed utterly in the past. They start curating because its like anything else in your business eventually becomes a habit. Content marketing is a habit and curation is one of the best ways to form that habit. It’s also one of the most highly effective ways, so you’re a real estate agent that’s the way I look at it and how do you measure success.

How Do You Measure Success?

The way that you want o measure success is like anything else, there’s a couple of what I consider KPIs I would suggest you measure your success of content curation. The first one is ‘are you generating traffic to your curated efforts?’ let’s say you are spending 15 minutes a day curating 4 articles a day, are you generating sufficient traffic to those articles?

The next thing is are you getting leads to your permission marketing funnels?

There’s quite a few ways to do this. The common ones are you can give free giveaways, like the standard giveaways of a free house valuation.

I think you have to get more creative in that but that’s an advanced topic beyond this podcast but I think you can get some better offers to actually get their address or to at least get them on the phone to start building your permission marketing funnels because one of the things I don’t believe is I don’t believe content marketing

I’ve yet to see content marketing that creates leads today, so if you’re looking for leads today I’ve got to be upfront.

Content curation, content marketing isn’t the most important thing you need to do but if you want to start building towards the future I would start doing it even if its 10 minutes a day.

You can literally curate content because- think about what I have come and gone over, I mentioned let’s say 7 sources locally here that I would have bookmarked, all I would have to do is spend 5 to 10 minutes which is probably something I would do, I don’t read the local news but let’s say I did, this is something I do regularly anyways and the I just take the additional step of pushing curate and maybe adding a little bit of commentary, I can do that in 10 to 15 minutes and curate 3 to 5 things no problem and be up to speed on what’s happening locally.

What Should I Curate?

Content curation is something that you can work in your daily schedule. In many ways its s a double use of time, especially if you already consume news.

What should I be curating? Should I be talking about the local market? Should I be mentioning the mortgage rates and all stuff like that?

I think that’s good, what I’ve often found is that that stuff is bland unless you have a unique take.

That’s all the more reason why I like content curation because it’s not just me too, you’re not just saying ‘oh look at the latest report by this organization that’s talking about housing prices’ and then you dissecting it, do they really care about that?


If you can capture attention, put a little spin on it, get them over to a platform that you control and convert them to a lead, that’s what it’s all about, so hopefully that provides a full picture, I know, often times when I talk to friends locally here they usually say well Ok, is that all?

I say yes that’s all, don’t do anything else, don’t over think it, don’t go beyond what we’ve just talked about, literally with curation traffic all you have to do is go to the sources that we talked about and curate it and go to the most important thing you need to do and if you want to participate in content marketing,

If You Do Write Content Get an Editor (but Still Start Curating)

If you haven’t learned this and you’re trying to do content marketing, here is what helps in tremendous amount having an editor, so let’s say you don’t want to completely outsource a content marketing site, having an editor makes it so much better, someone you could send your post to and they are going to edit it is awesome, that’s what you need to get too so if you are considering content marketing and you are not a good editor.

I would highly suggest start with curation, learn the aspects of content m marketing because that’s what curation teaches you and then get enough money so you can get an editor and then start blogging because blogging is a lot easier when you have an editor, I know it first hand, this is something I learned firsthand, I wish I had an editor years ago because it would have just made things a lot easier, a lot times that’s just one of things that slows me down is editing, so that’s another tip to kind of out in your basket there.

How to Easily Curate Content

I should mention Curation Traffic is push button simple WordPress based content curation platform, it means you can be up and curating in seconds, it works on any WordPress site, we also have our own curation traffic themes that we’ve developed as well, so let’s say that you don’t have an existing website but you want to create a curation traffic or a curated website, we have themes that you can use, the plug in allows you to easily carry content from around the web, so it’s a push button simple tool, I think this is of course coming from the source I should say here, full disclaimer, I do think that it’s a tool that just about any real estate professional should have because it allows you to participate in any content marketing and a 5th or a 7th of the time it takes to create a blog post, so that alone makes it a tool that is just highly worthwhile. Well that’s all; I’ll see you in the next episode.

11 Examples of Content Curation in Action from Curation Traffic

The World Needs Great Editors

If you have a few minutes I highly recommend reading the transcript from a recent talk by Jenene Cossan at the MPA Magazine Sales Conference. I’ll quote liberally from the transcript and add additional thoughts but I suggest reading the transcript yourself.

The talk is about much more than just the future of publishing. It’s more about the future of content, marketing, and your opportunity to be the single best source in whatever niche or market you choose.

The Hierarchy of Needs Has Changed

Jenene starts with one of the most important realities in today’s digital landscape:

The reality is that yo​ur hierarchy of needs has also changed. Where once you might have been the only access point for a particular stream of information, or the port of call for a subject – you are no longer. You have moved from being a need to a want.

Think about that. While couched in more of a print vs online argument this is playing out in multiple industries and platforms. From television, music, print media, even brick and mortal commerce. Not only do the needs change but the expectations change as well.

This becomes obvious if you watch the way kids from 6 – 14 interact with media. They have an expectation that it’s there, it’s on demand. YouTube is what TV was just over a decade ago.

There Still Exists a Challenge of Understanding Digital

That leads me to the point of the talk that really defines where we are today:

Add to that the confusion and pressure marketers feel to understand online – a medium that runs at a speed that realistically scares the living daylights out of most people – and when you offer a nice comfy, reliable format they can physically get their hands onto and see their ad, they understand this and they sign up for that offer that was too good to be turned down.


Those days are numbered.


I’ll tell you why. Those types of marketers are not going to survive. They are a short-term win. The marketers who are refusing to move with the future will, over the course of the next few years, be weeded out and replaced by young whippersnappers who understand the concept of true customer engagement and relationship building.

While this isn’t a new phenomenon we still are in the midst of companies large and small still trying to figure it out. Some are still stuck in the old reality of the world, grasping at the last vestige of hope the models that work in the past will work in the future.

Don’t We All Want a Personal Curator?

The talk then gets to what I think is advice anyone marketing online should take to heart:

You want a personal curator, in fact. You’re completely agnostic. You don’t give a flying rat’s butt about what ‘channel’ you’re on. You care about the content. You care about what you want to watch right now.


You want to be informed, entertained, inspired, or whatever else you’re wanting. You want your device to be smart enough to know what mood you in, what you like to watch at this time and provide you with incredibly informative choices, wrapped up in exceptional usability.


You have the choice of about 300 billion pieces of content, so why wouldn’t you want this? More to the point, you’ll be totally and utterly overwhelmed if you don’t have it.

I bet if you think about how you interact with content (video, TV, news, etc) you’ll know this last part rings true. Think about when you fire up Netflix, if you don’t know what you want to watch you don’t want to have to spend minutes cycling through page after page of things  you’re not interested in. You want recommendations based on your tastes… nothing new right? After all this has been the allure of Netflix, even Amazon, Spotify, etc.

Why can’t that be you? Why can’t you be the Netflix of your industry or niche? Why can’t you be the curator (editor) of your topic.

The World Needs More Great Editors

This is where the talk really delivers a knock out punch:

The world needs more great editors.

Yes, that’s right. We need more of what you do, not less. It’s just you need to stop thinking of yourselves as magazines. That’s an outcome of where content could be housed.


You need to think of yourself as taste makers, curators, cultivators, community managers, the people in charge of knowing all there is to know about a subject and bringing that to life and to the people in whatever format they want it in.


It’s time to move on from protecting your medium turf and time to move to where the pastures are greener of being completely platform agnostic. To understanding that what you are is the expert.

There it is right there. That is your opportunity. That is way to future proof yourself in this digital marketing environment. This concept of being a great editor is the future of winning with content marketing. Without it you’re really just part of the noise. Now you can make some headway while being part of the noise but you’ll never be an innovator. I believe most people that follow us here or on our other sites want to be innovators.

The path forward is simple. Think of  yourself as a great editor. An editor (curator) within your niche or your chosen market. Be the taste maker, the one who knows more than anything else about your market. Does that take work and effort? Sure, but so does any other strategy you would employ.

You’ve Been Dropped in the Middle of a Giant Lake

Imagine your stuck in the middle of a giant lake. Would you rather tread water waiting for someone to come and rescue you, probably eventually getting worn out and drowning. Or would you rather swim one direction towards shore? Which one has a better chance of survival? It’s the same with content marketing, many people are treading water waiting for something to change and usually end up getting burned out.

Instead the answer is to go for the shore. Be the source for your market. Don’t wait for someone else to grab it before you. Be the single best resource that your market or your niche would look for. Be the encyclopedia (wait, do they have those anymore?)– the Wikipedia of your market.

If you want a blueprint for how to be relevant not only today but in the future this is it.

Ready to get started? The single best tool on the market right now is Curation Traffic. It allows you to curate content from around the web with a click of a button. With the step by step system you’ll learn how to become the source within your industry. How to find the content and stories that your market truly craves. You’ll also have the tools to easily build your authority not matter what niche or market your in.

Content aggregation vs content curation: How to compare?

One of the biggest questions we get is the difference between aggregation and content curation. A recent post from smartmediatips talks about the difference between content aggregation vs curation. While it’s important to understand the difference there’s a much more powerful idea to point out.

What if you could combine the two–both curation and aggregation? A really good example of this type of combination is TechMeme. If you’ve ever visited the site you see right away that they’ve curated the tops stories. Then below the main story they’ve highlighted there is an aggregation of the same topic or news. Very powerful stuff and something I think is worth striving for.

There are a lot of differences between Content Curation and Content Aggregation. Content curation is the new trend nowadays but it should be done correctly and properly in order to deliver real advantages, brand awareness and thought leadership.

Let’s have a look to the main differences to understand when content curation begins to be the right tactic as opposed to content aggregation that is taking place from ages.

This post was easily curated with the Curation Traffic Plugin.

With This “Curation” Stuff Aren’t You Just Really Stealing People’s Information?

Today we received a reply from one of the latest emails we sent:

I am very confused on the “curation” thing… But with this “curation” stuff aren’t you just really stealing peoples information? … from what it sounds like all the information would be from other people…how would that help me?

All great questions and in this post we’ll talk about:

  • Is curation ethical or is content curation legal?
  • Why would you want to have someone else’s content on your site?
  • The First Impression Trigger
  • The Authority Association Effect

So let’s talk about the “curation is stealing” question…

With content curation you’re doing 2 things.

You’re referencing another source of content and then adding your own thoughts (usually this is called adding commentary).

Content curation is used by just about any major site you can name and includes any national and local news site, buzzfeed.com, noteworthy.com, huffingtonpost.com, techmeme.com, drudgereport.com, msnnow.com, and so on.

In fact, if you’ve followed any well-known site you’ll discover they add more and more curation to their content mix as they grow. They do this for one reason… more traffic.

The web is all about eye balls and how many people you can get to your site to see your advertising and your offers. Curation is the quickest way to do that.

As far as using other people’s content, you’re putting into action exactly what happens on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all the sites mentioned above.

The technical aspect you’re using is called fair use. Fair use is a section of the copyright law which allows citation of content and related works. Obviously the key word is citation and not taking the whole article without permission.

So is this ethical?

Short answer is yes. The copyright law allows for people to cite sources, stories, videos, and ideas. The key element once again is cite and not reproduce in whole.

Simply copying a story is theft and even if you get away with it once eventually either the owner or someone else will call you on it.

Added note: With Curation Traffic your citation is done automatically for you and is something you don’t have to worry about.

If you want a full and complete run down here’s one of the best in-depth analysis that covers just about every detail on fair use and how it relates to online media.

The next questions you might ask is…

Why would I want to have someone else’s ideas or content on my site?

The biggest benefit we’ve already covered…

With curation it means you have more content, more traffic, more eyeballs, and more conversions.

But there’s something just as powerful happening behind the scenes…

Well, there’s 2 things really, these are called the first impression trigger and the authority association effect.

Curation done correctly means the main draw will be your opinion, your thoughts and your ideas and the original story is the launching pad for that.

This is taking advantage of the “First Impression” trigger (we’ll cover this in more detail in a follow up email) just know that people remember the first impression or contact they have with content more than what happens thereafter. It’s a powerful content marketing tactic we’ve only recently discovered and I can’t wait to share more about it.

Authority Association Effect

The next powerful element you’re putting into action with curation is called the Authority Association Effect.

This effect happens inside the mind of your visitor. The instant you highlight or comment on someone else’s idea this puts you in the same league as that person.

Imagine you are on a panel with some of the highest respected people in your market. Just being on this panel instantly gives you credibility with your audience. This same benefit works much the same way with curation only it’s a little more subtle.

In essence, the Authority Association Effect is allowing some credibility of your sources to be transferred over to you. This factor alone usually makes curation a sought after strategy.

Here’s a Bonus Reason why Curation Rocks…

Simply, it’s the fastest way to create content.

If you have tried to blog or write at all you know it’s pretty hard and time consuming.

Curation is easiest form of content marketing and blogging there is especially if you’re just getting started or haven’t made it happen in the past.

Think about it… the idea for the post is already there for you and all you have to do is add your own thoughts (commentary). It really is that simple.

When you use the Curation Traffic System curation becomes push button simple. It includes all the tools to easily cite, highlight, and add your own commentary.

For every new curation you release you’re taking advantage of the Authority Association Effect and the First Impression Trigger we talked about above.

Best of all, it takes minutes to properly put into action content curation.

Image by Sam Howzit

4 Emerging Strategies of Content Curation

Is there an overlap in the different types of content curaiton strategies? Some of the answer is provided in a piece by Jeff Giesea. I resonate completely with the first part as when I discovered the DrudgeReport I saw good curation in action:

If I had to pinpoint when content curation came on my radar, it was when Matt Drudge broke the Lewinsky story and I, like everyone, discovered The Drudge Report. A few years later I built my first company around curated content for specialized industries. At the time, I liked to think that I was channeling the spirit of Henry Luce, who started Newsweek and Life Magazine with curated content in the 1920’s and 30s.

He goes on to break down 4 emerging strategies of content curation. We talk about each one of these quite a bit here but I thought putting them in a matrix like Jeff did provides some good context.

  1. Community link-sharing
  2. Editorial Link Sharing
  3. Community Content Sharing
  4. Editorialized Content Curation

I won’t cover each one of these individually because Jeff does a good job in his post but I do want to add a few thoughts. First up, each one of these strategies takes focus and effort for it to be successful. The easiest form of curation would be editorial link sharing. When I say easy it’s really means it takes the least amount of effort to put into action– not acquire an audience. The next would be Editorialized content curation — that’s what we do here and what the Curation Traffic System has really been designed for.

Community link sharing and community content sharing are the hardest to implement. That’s because this involves engaging and managing with a community. Compare that to the other forms of curation where you’re more or less building an audience. Finding and keeping a community engaged is one of the hardest strategies to implement. It’s also the one where you have to be fully committed for it to truly work and be worth the effort.

Here’s why I like editorialized content curaiton. You’re not simply just providing links to another source you’re providing context, an opinion, and your thoughts. It also allows you to test the waters to see if you can start a more community focused strategy. If through your curations you begin to have traction you can start to add more community driven components. It’s really the best first approach to content curation there is.

If you want some more examples in each of the four quadrants I suggest you visit the link below.

5 Reasons Content Marketing Is a Must for Your Next Trade Show

Janise Fryatt wrote a great piece on how event planning and content marketing are a perfect match.

Successful trade show marketers understand the value of both building relationships and providing useful information about how their products solve customer problems.

Here’s the five reasons why content marketing is a must for your next trade show:

1. It builds SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
2. It builds thought leadership, credibility and trust
3. It encourages third-party recommendations
4. It creates leads who are more sales-ready
5. It works year-round

I can’t disagree with any of those. Integrating content marketing with any trade show solves one of the biggest challenges people or brands have when creating content… what type of content should I/we create?

The time leading up to a trade show is usually filled with tons of great ideas on marketing, promotions, and how to reach your target market. Seldom do all these ideas get used in the trade show. Instead of letting those ideas sit on the shelf use them. Create content around them. Get your audience engaged and excited about seeing you at the show. Tell consistent stories leading up to the show that will get people curious and wonder what you have  planned.

Also remember content marketing doesn’t stop during or after the show. You should go into the trade show with the plan to create content during and that will last for months after. While this is a little bit more effort it’s well worth it and usually the content you can capture at trade shows you can’t get anywhere else.

Click the story below get more detail on each of the 5 tips.

[this post took 7.24 minutes to create with the Curation Traffic Plugin]

Image courtesy of cvent.com

Perfect Example of Curation in Action

One of the biggest requests I get it is to show more and more examples of what a successful curation looks like.

So that’s what I’ll share today:

Here’s the highlights:

  • It took me 7 minutes to create this curated post (using the Curation Traffic Plugin)
  • So far it’s created 478 unique visitors
  • This post has added 16 people to our email lists
  • 3 people who have visited this post have converted to one of our offers
  • Social Shares: 16 likes, 10 G+, 8 LinkedIn, 63 Twitter
  • Where did the traffic come from: social media & search traffic.

Added note: our site is running the CurationHue theme and set up to convert. The CurationHue theme is part of the Curation Traffic Theme bundle or the All in One Bundle. I should also mention that we cover in detail how to set up your site to convert in the Curation Mastery Training.

Now let’s break down of how this curation is put together (there’s images in this email so to see everything you’ll want to click “show images”):

To see it live here’s a link to the curated post

First, I came across news that Facebook had changed their ranking on how posts from pages will be displayed to people. This is something I knew our audience would want to know.

I found the original blog post on the Facebook blog and used CurateThis (this comes with the Curation Traffic Plugin) to start my curation.

I then wrote a lead for the curation…

What is the goal of the Facebook news feed?

Today a blog post from Product Manager Chris Turitzin (News Feed Ranking) answered that very question, in addition to answering what type of content you should post.

He starts by sharing the results of tests:

This is one of the easiest things you can do with curation.

  1. Simply start with a question that the curated story answers
  2. Then intro the source so you can pull in relevant content (it’s really that simple)

That’s what I did. While the writing won’t win any journalistic awards it is easy and quick to do.

Next you’ll notice that I have some quoted text from the article. Then some commentary. Finally some more quoted text and more commentary:

What I’m doing here is giving my opinion but also distilling the information I just quoted. This ping pong approach to creating a longer curation is highly effective. It’s especially effective with breaking news like this that your target market cares about.

Now with the headline “So What Should You Post?” I provide the true answer to the question we posed above.

I create another lead in and then have curated text that talks about the type of things you should post on facebook as a page owner.

The one thing I did extra was wrap it up with my own thoughts. You could stop here and I was going too but before I published I had another thought that I felt could wrap up this curation nicely.

If you looked at the live post you’ll see all the way down at the bottom of the content is the line: See full story on fb.com.

This is the link attribution to the original story (which I also added in the first lead in I mentioned above). This happens behind the scenes when using the Curation Traffic plugin.

That’s it. In 7 minutes and a with a little commentary I easily created curated content that even as I write this is still generating traffic and conversions.

This is a perfect example of why curation is one of the single best strategies out there. It also showcases why curation is a simple quick to do strategy. That in the end is what I love most about it.

This is also something you can easily do yourself, all you have to do is pick up Curation Traffic.

You’ll get instant access to the Curation Traffic Plugin, that allows you to curate just like I showed you here. You’ll also get access to the Curation Traffic themes and the Curation Mastery Training. In the training we cover examples just like this one plus many more.

Announcing The Curation Traffic Content Curation Themes

We’ve been hard at work the last few months and now we can officially announce what has kept us so busy.

Curation Traffic now has 4 brand new themes. These themes are modern, responsive, and look good on any device. Each one of these themes have been built from the ground up for content curation and conversion.

The 4 New Curation Traffic Themes

These themes are:

  • CurationHue Theme – Curation Hue is the grand-daddy of layout and customization options. If you are looking for a robust magazine theme that is built for easy navigation and promoting all your content then CurationHue is sure to make you smile right out the box. See the CurationHue theme in action.
  • CurationNews Theme – Build to withstand an earthquake, this theme is perfect reading and promoting massive amounts of content across all devices. See the CurationNews theme in action.
  • CurationPin Theme – CurationPin is a classy Pinterest look-a-like theme that is fully responsive and curation ready right out the box. See the CurationPin theme in action.
  • CurationFlux Theme – A perfect design for active curators and photo bloggers who want a site that is easy to use and looks great on any device. See the CurationFlux theme in action.

Watch the Short Video Overview

In this video we share the new updates to the Curation Traffic Theme Bundle (v2.0). In this bundle is now 4 content curation WordPress themes built specifically for curation and conversion.

As with all our products you can use these themes on as many of your own sites as you would like.

The Existing Curation Traffic Theme Is Being Retired (v1.57)

First, the good news… as a Curation Traffic member (theme bundle or All-in-One Bundle) you now have access to 4 rock solid WordPress themes built specifically for curation and conversion. Before we dive into each theme let’s first talk about the existing theme.

Now onto the the Curation Traffic Theme. We are officially discontinuing the Curation Traffic Theme (at least for now, it might make a comeback in a few months but no solid promises yet).

Here’s what this means. We will no longer be developing or adding new features to the theme. We will still support it for 12 more months but only in the case of a critical update or error. Any new features, responsive design, new CurateThis additions are not and will not be added to this theme. You can still use it it just won’t be supported beyond fixing something that breaks.

One major thing to note. These themes do not have the functionality of the CurateThis bookmarklet built in. That functionality is now only in the Curation Traffic Plugin. So if you’re a All-in-One member and you are using the current Curation Traffic Theme you will have to install the plugin on this site.

If you are a Curation Traffic Plugin member you can upgrade to the new theme bundle. Login to the members area and you’ll see a special limited time offer to upgrade.

If you’re an existing Curation Traffic Theme member only you will have access to all 4 themes but if you use these themes you will lose the functionality of the CurateThis bookmarklet. Keep in mind you can still use the Curation Traffic Theme (v1.57) for as long as  you like. We just wont be adding any new features or updates. In the members area  you will also see a special limited price to upgrade and add the Curation Traffic Plugin to  your membership.