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Success of Content Marketing, 5 Ideas for May, Blog Categories – Content Marketing RoundUp

First up, a pretty good story covering what content marketing success looks like:

After a day reading all the winners’ entries from the Content Marketing Awards and looking at the work, I’ve learnt stuff I never knew I didn’t know (to borrow from Donald Rumsfeld): that Lloyd’s of London insured property owners against Zeppelin attacks during WW1; the philosophy of holiday magnate Sir Billy Butlin; and the operations of the Norwegian armed forces.

The second was the way in which the winners not only produced multiple forms of content, but they were optimised for the platform. Wardour’s The Review (best B2B, technology and telecoms) for digital security provider Gemalto targets a tech-savvy, time-poor audience whose working lives are in always-on mode. So Wardour moved from a print-dominated approach to one in which they could access content at any time and in any location. Via theguardian.com

I tend to agree with the last point. You should go into all your content marketing efforts with a re-purposing plan in mind. With just a little planning and possibly a little bit more effort the content you create can spring multiple tentacles. That’s what we did with our podcast, we recorded it in video, exported to audio, released on iTunes, YouTube, as well as our blog here. We also use as a resource for our members section.

The next story comes from PracticalEcommerce.com. It provides some great advice on planning for May:

5 Content Marketing Ideas for May 2014 Practical Ecommerce

Content marketing seeks to create and publish useful or entertaining content like articles, photographs, videos, or similar that will attract, engage, and retain customers. But good content marketing doesn’t just happen accidentally; marketers need to plan ahead to be successful.

With April already underway, it is time to start thinking about content marketing for May. What follows are five content ideas that you may help to promote your online store in May 2014.

1. How-To, All Month Long
2. Star Wars Day: May 4, 2014
3. Cinco De Mayo: May 5, 2014
4. Mothers Day: May 11, 2014
5. Memorial Day: May 26, 2014

Via practicalecommerce.com

Self explanatory in some ways but the click the post above for additional insight on each one of these dates.

Should you get rid of blog categories? Does it not matter anymore?

Content Marketers, Kill The Blog Category

In the early 60s, Marshall McCluhan went on to write about media determinism, an idea suggesting that our communications technologies shape the way we think. Its understandable that when blogs were devised, the various blog posts were categorized. There is also something about computer programmers: they seem predisposed to ontologies and organizing information in structured frameworks. Via marketingland.com

So our stats don’t back up this assertion. Although I’ll admit we design most of our sites and client sites with content discovery around categories and tags. We routinely see traffic scouring through sites via tags and categories. This is still something to think about… how does your audience want to be presented content? What are ways you can get them engaged?