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Announcing The Curation Traffic Content Curation Themes

We’ve been hard at work the last few months and now we can officially announce what has kept us so busy.

Curation Traffic now has 4 brand new themes. These themes are modern, responsive, and look good on any device. Each one of these themes have been built from the ground up for content curation and conversion.

The 4 New Curation Traffic Themes

These themes are:

  • CurationHue Theme – Curation Hue is the grand-daddy of layout and customization options. If you are looking for a robust magazine theme that is built for easy navigation and promoting all your content then CurationHue is sure to make you smile right out the box. See the CurationHue theme in action.
  • CurationNews Theme – Build to withstand an earthquake, this theme is perfect reading and promoting massive amounts of content across all devices. See the CurationNews theme in action.
  • CurationPin Theme – CurationPin is a classy Pinterest look-a-like theme that is fully responsive and curation ready right out the box. See the CurationPin theme in action.
  • CurationFlux Theme – A perfect design for active curators and photo bloggers who want a site that is easy to use and looks great on any device. See the CurationFlux theme in action.

Watch the Short Video Overview

In this video we share the new updates to the Curation Traffic Theme Bundle (v2.0). In this bundle is now 4 content curation WordPress themes built specifically for curation and conversion.

As with all our products you can use these themes on as many of your own sites as you would like.

The Existing Curation Traffic Theme Is Being Retired (v1.57)

First, the good news… as a Curation Traffic member (theme bundle or All-in-One Bundle) you now have access to 4 rock solid WordPress themes built specifically for curation and conversion. Before we dive into each theme let’s first talk about the existing theme.

Now onto the the Curation Traffic Theme. We are officially discontinuing the Curation Traffic Theme (at least for now, it might make a comeback in a few months but no solid promises yet).

Here’s what this means. We will no longer be developing or adding new features to the theme. We will still support it for 12 more months but only in the case of a critical update or error. Any new features, responsive design, new CurateThis additions are not and will not be added to this theme. You can still use it it just won’t be supported beyond fixing something that breaks.

One major thing to note. These themes do not have the functionality of the CurateThis bookmarklet built in. That functionality is now only in the Curation Traffic Plugin. So if you’re a All-in-One member and you are using the current Curation Traffic Theme you will have to install the plugin on this site.

If you are a Curation Traffic Plugin member you can upgrade to the new theme bundle. Login to the members area and you’ll see a special limited time offer to upgrade.

If you’re an existing Curation Traffic Theme member only you will have access to all 4 themes but if you use these themes you will lose the functionality of the CurateThis bookmarklet. Keep in mind you can still use the Curation Traffic Theme (v1.57) for as long as  you like. We just wont be adding any new features or updates. In the members area  you will also see a special limited price to upgrade and add the Curation Traffic Plugin to  your membership.

New Features Released for Curation Traffic

We are excited to announce some great new features to Curation Traffic and related products. if you’re a member just login to grab the latest copy (also, WordPress updating is added to this latest release so this is the last time you’ll have to manually upgrade, see more below).

Video Overview and New Features Below


Easily curate list posts (see video above)

This feature allows you to easily curate list type content. You’ve seen these types of content usually with the title “X tips on how to do [keyword]. We’ve suggested that this is one of the best ways to curate content by summarizing these posts and adding your own commentary. With this new feature  you can now easily curate list content (watch the video to see it in action).

Auto insertion of summary text

A release ago we added the one click summary feature and we’ve received tons of great feedback. We also put the feature to great use as well. In this release we added the ability to auto insert the summary text into the post box. So maybe you have a site(s) like us where you do light weight curation where the summary feature has come in handy, this removes on additional step and makes curating that much quicker.

Curated Content Blockquote Options

This feature request was to select whether or not the curated content you insert into the post box is wrapped in the <blockquote>. You can now choose for this not to wrapped in the blockquote tag, the default is for it to be wrapped. You’ll find this option in both the theme (bookmarklet options tab) and the plugin version.

Auto Update for All Products Now Built In

Auto update now built into all of our products that means going forward you’ll be prompted and can update all of our products in WordPress. This allows us to be able to add more features and do more fixes on a more aggressive schedule. It’s also what is expected of any WordPress product and we apologize we didn’t add it sooner.

You Brand, Inc. Products Licensing

We’ve also updated the licensing products with a little bit different look and feel. You also might notice a few references to a new plugin called Social Quote Traffic. We’ll be sending out a special offer here by the end of the week but if you want an early view you can visit Social Quote Traffic.

As usual we also added various other bug fixes, speed enhancements and other things behind the scenes.