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Can Proper Content Curation Feed Your Thought Leadership?


Really good post from Schulyer Richardson at ContentEquaulsMoney on using content curation for thought leadership. The post is more of a point/counter-point take on using curation and is spot on in a lot of areas.

Aspiring thought leaders often stress over the idea of not being able to produce enough original content to satisfy the needs of their community. It can seem like an unrealistic goal to produce fresh, quality content all of the time; and quite frankly it is. But don’t fret, aspiring thought leader! Content curation can be your best friend. And while it has that going for it, it can also cheapen your reputation if used improperly.

That last part is critical. Curation done poorly can harm your reputation if you’re not adding value. But what is value? For example, does the DrudgeReport add value? How about Techmeme? Isn’t just the fact that these sites highlight content value itself?

I’d agree/disagree (kind of like a politician) on another point in the story. The “make it timely” or that is you’re content should have immediacy and relevancy. While it is highly effective to make sure your content is about the current trends it’s not always necessary. Instead of trying to be a real time curation expert what if you could consistently find timeless things to share (evergreen content)? If you follow sites like UpWorthy (and the various other sites that have popped up) you see this model in action. Often they can take something years old, repackage it, and release it for huge traffic gains. Say what you will about these sites but why can’t you do the same thing? I’d argue you should be doing the same thing.

That’s just some of my initial thoughts after reading this. It’s well worth a read and provides one of the best and quickest overviews of curation I’ve seen.

Image courtesy of contentequalsmoney.com

If You Can’t Be a Creator, Then Be a Curator

A really good point made here. Google has upped the ante for quality content and because of this it’s important that you have an ongoing content strategy. It’s also important that your site stays fresh and curates reliable sources.

There’s an important point to be made here about content creation. I think curation is a perfect strategy to test out if you can keep a schedule that would be required for true creation.

The other thing that curation does for you is it helps you get a good feel of the market. As you curate for a while you’ll start to see trends and opportunities for your own unique content.

After Google raised the standards for quality content with the Panda Update and integrated social with search, the message was delivered loud and clear to thesearch industry: only quality content can help your website sustain its search presence. This has grown the demand for content writers.

Will content published just for the sake of adding words via blog posts suffice and help your web presence survive? No.

On the World Wide Web it’s the survival of the fittest. Your blog content has to face this Darwinian test and prove that the content meets the quality standards of Google and is worth sharing.

5 Steps of Effective Content Curation

Below we share another concise that covers the 5 steps involved in content curation. Here’s the steps with some of our commentary:

Step 1 – Goals. Define why you’re curating, is it for authority, traffic, or both?

Step 2 – Topics. Decide on the topics and type of content your target market will care about. Also think about the type of content you want to be known for.

Step 3 – Sources. Find sources, in the end your sources are gold. They are what set you apart and keep people coming back.

Step 4 – Sense Making. We tend to call this commentary or distilling down the content. A good curator will always find ways to limit the clutter and get to the essence of a story or post.

Step 5 Sharing. Share your curated piece of content with attribution. Of course we recommend that you do this on a platform that you control but publishing your curation is the last important step.

Nowadays, so much content is being produced online at such a rapid rate. There are loads of websites online writing about every topic there is. However, with the exponential growth of the content over the internet (much noise!), it is becoming harder and harder to reach and find quality content about a certain topic and here is where content curation shines.

Content Curation – How to Find the Right Ingredients [Infographic]

Content has been the buzzword for awhile now and businesses of all sizes are in a race to figure out how to create the content their customers want. One way to avoid building all your content from scratch is to curate or aggregate — i.e., collect — relevant, high-quality content that other people have already created.

Here’s a few things missing from this infographic:

  • Consistency – content curation pays off the more  you keep to it and the more consistent you are with your efforts.
  • Owning the platform – without owning the platform you’re giving up huge amount of conversions.
  • Listening platform – while the infographic talks about it it’s actually one of the most important parts of a successful content marketing plan.