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Content Curation Drives Lead Generation

One of our posts on SEO and Curation was mentioned by the AtomicReach blog. What I really like about this story is it provides a good rundown of how curation really does drive lead generation. This is something we’ve experienced and something we cover quite a bit in our training. If your looking at curation as a lead generation tool then the post that follows is well worth the read…

Content curation is one of the driving factors for generating leads in content marketing. More and more brands are choosing to pursue content marketing for that very reason. A recent study by BtoB Magazine concludes that 28% of content marketers focus on content marketing simply to boost lead generation.

This is conceivable as content marketing drives three times the sales of digital advertising (Nielson). Leads generated from marketing spend passes leads in paid search after nineteen months (Heidi Cohen) Furthermore, “content marketing leads generated per $1,000 of marketing spend is three times greater after three years (or thirty-six months),” writes Cohen.

I’d pile on a little bit more. Curation not only drives lead generation but it’s also one of the most time effective strategies you can put into action. With curation your post subject, concept, and conclusion is already selected for you. Your job is to then add your own commentary and thoughts to the mix. It’s that simple.

Lead generation often comes down to how much traffic you can drive to an offer. Curation allows you to create much more content (which ulitmately drives traffic) and allows more people to see your offers. This is one of the reasons why I like curation so much.

Does Content Curation Help Your SEO?

Here’s a question we get often… does content curation help in my search engine optimization (SEO)?

This was something we really worried about when first we first started curating. We didn’t want to be penalized by the search engines when we upped our curated content. The main reason why was some of our best converting offers come from search traffic… so we beyond a doubt we didn’t want to send the wrong signals.

What we found surprised us quite a bit and I can unequivocally say that curation helps in your SEO efforts.

In fact, within a few hours after we started curating we saw search traffic.

Here’s How We Set Up Our Curated Site…

We set up curation within the directory structure of one of our main domains, in essence when we released our curated site it just looked like we upped our content output.

A good example of this in action is how we curate at youbrandinc.com (which is our main site) and our curation site is youbrandinc.com/marketing-news/. When we started curating here we also saw search traffic within hours of releasing our first curations.

Pretty amazing if you think about it. Still, we were surprised that some of our posts were within the top 10 of rankings for key phrases and key topics.

Why Does Curation Help?

Here’s the top 4 ways that Curation can help with your SEO…

  1. Search engines need signals – When you curate content from credible sources it shows that you have a trusted and authoritative site.
  2. It adds life to your site – Search engines love more and more content. When you curate you typically are adding 4-10 posts a day, more content equals a more living and breathing site.
  3. It keeps your site relevant – typically you’re curating things that are cutting edge in your market. When you curate in any market you’re typically sharing the latest trends, news, and tips. The search engines pick up on this and see your site as relevant to the market.
  4. Curation helps build authority – The more authority you have (in real life) the more trusted your digital content becomes.

Most of the curated content that we created included a few sentences of the original article, commentary of a few sentences  and a link back to the original source.

A Little Behind the Scenes

We also released this curated site with the Curation Traffic Theme before it had some great features we’ve recently added, such as microformats, the ability to limit the amount of links that went to the original source, and speed enhancements.

I mention that because I believe that if we released those same sites today it would have been even more successful (looking at it just from the SEO perspective).

Even without a tool like Curation Traffic I still feel curation can play a good central role in helping you build the SEO profile of any website or domain.