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5 Content Curation Tips for SEO

These are not just really good tips on content curation in SEO (here’s a video we did on this subject) but good tips for creating curated posts in general. You could take all 5 of these and schedule new curated posts over the next 2 weeks. If you did that do you think you could create more traffic than you have right now?

Creating new valuable content on a regular basis is critical to an SEO with high aspirations. Really hard! That’s why content curation is so popular these days amongst content marketers and SEOers. The idea of leveraging other people’s/brands content and compiling them, adding opinions to them, and adding additional information to them in such a way that it becomes valuable, interesting, and engaging to the end-user.

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  2. the best [blank] videos on Youtube right now
  3. Top [blank] blog posts of the week
  4. Top popular [blank] pins of the week
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5 Reasons Content Marketing Is a Must for Your Next Trade Show

Janise Fryatt wrote a great piece on how event planning and content marketing are a perfect match.

Successful trade show marketers understand the value of both building relationships and providing useful information about how their products solve customer problems.

Here’s the five reasons why content marketing is a must for your next trade show:

1. It builds SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
2. It builds thought leadership, credibility and trust
3. It encourages third-party recommendations
4. It creates leads who are more sales-ready
5. It works year-round

I can’t disagree with any of those. Integrating content marketing with any trade show solves one of the biggest challenges people or brands have when creating content… what type of content should I/we create?

The time leading up to a trade show is usually filled with tons of great ideas on marketing, promotions, and how to reach your target market. Seldom do all these ideas get used in the trade show. Instead of letting those ideas sit on the shelf use them. Create content around them. Get your audience engaged and excited about seeing you at the show. Tell consistent stories leading up to the show that will get people curious and wonder what you have  planned.

Also remember content marketing doesn’t stop during or after the show. You should go into the trade show with the plan to create content during and that will last for months after. While this is a little bit more effort it’s well worth it and usually the content you can capture at trade shows you can’t get anywhere else.

Click the story below get more detail on each of the 5 tips.

[this post took 7.24 minutes to create with the Curation Traffic Plugin]

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If You Can’t Be a Creator, Then Be a Curator

A really good point made here. Google has upped the ante for quality content and because of this it’s important that you have an ongoing content strategy. It’s also important that your site stays fresh and curates reliable sources.

There’s an important point to be made here about content creation. I think curation is a perfect strategy to test out if you can keep a schedule that would be required for true creation.

The other thing that curation does for you is it helps you get a good feel of the market. As you curate for a while you’ll start to see trends and opportunities for your own unique content.

After Google raised the standards for quality content with the Panda Update and integrated social with search, the message was delivered loud and clear to thesearch industry: only quality content can help your website sustain its search presence. This has grown the demand for content writers.

Will content published just for the sake of adding words via blog posts suffice and help your web presence survive? No.

On the World Wide Web it’s the survival of the fittest. Your blog content has to face this Darwinian test and prove that the content meets the quality standards of Google and is worth sharing.

Does Content Curation Help Your SEO?

Here’s a question we get often… does content curation help in my search engine optimization (SEO)?

This was something we really worried about when first we first started curating. We didn’t want to be penalized by the search engines when we upped our curated content. The main reason why was some of our best converting offers come from search traffic… so we beyond a doubt we didn’t want to send the wrong signals.

What we found surprised us quite a bit and I can unequivocally say that curation helps in your SEO efforts.

In fact, within a few hours after we started curating we saw search traffic.

Here’s How We Set Up Our Curated Site…

We set up curation within the directory structure of one of our main domains, in essence when we released our curated site it just looked like we upped our content output.

A good example of this in action is how we curate at youbrandinc.com (which is our main site) and our curation site is youbrandinc.com/marketing-news/. When we started curating here we also saw search traffic within hours of releasing our first curations.

Pretty amazing if you think about it. Still, we were surprised that some of our posts were within the top 10 of rankings for key phrases and key topics.

Why Does Curation Help?

Here’s the top 4 ways that Curation can help with your SEO…

  1. Search engines need signals – When you curate content from credible sources it shows that you have a trusted and authoritative site.
  2. It adds life to your site – Search engines love more and more content. When you curate you typically are adding 4-10 posts a day, more content equals a more living and breathing site.
  3. It keeps your site relevant – typically you’re curating things that are cutting edge in your market. When you curate in any market you’re typically sharing the latest trends, news, and tips. The search engines pick up on this and see your site as relevant to the market.
  4. Curation helps build authority – The more authority you have (in real life) the more trusted your digital content becomes.

Most of the curated content that we created included a few sentences of the original article, commentary of a few sentences  and a link back to the original source.

A Little Behind the Scenes

We also released this curated site with the Curation Traffic Theme before it had some great features we’ve recently added, such as microformats, the ability to limit the amount of links that went to the original source, and speed enhancements.

I mention that because I believe that if we released those same sites today it would have been even more successful (looking at it just from the SEO perspective).

Even without a tool like Curation Traffic I still feel curation can play a good central role in helping you build the SEO profile of any website or domain.


15 Important Facts about Content Curation

Here’s a good roundup of reasons why content curation is an important strategy:

For many content marketers, curation is something of a silver bullet. Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz has joked that we’re in the midst of a content arms race; companies across all industries have realized the power of custom content, and are actively competing to produce better-quality materials. The average B2B marketer is using 12 different  content marketing tactics, and a curation strategy can boost the volume of information shared without dramatically increasing the workload.

1. Content Curation: Everyone Is Doing It
2. Curation Is Social
3. Social Sourcing
4. Curation Establishes Thought Leadership
5. Benefits of Curation Are Manifold
6. Finding the Right Content Is Tough
7. Resources Rule
8. Search May not Be Enough
9. You Can’t Stop Once You Start
10. Your Community Is Key
11. Different Forms of Curation
12. You Have to Refine and Improve
13. Google Cares Deeply about Authority
14. There’s a Code of Ethics
15. Curatorship Could Be the Future

A few thoughts on some of these items. First up, in some ways the way we share today is curation in it’s rawest form. We are already consuming content but what we choose to share is the curation unto itself.

On the Curation establishes thought leadership… good curation establishes thought leadership. Bad curation adds to the noise.

Also, on “search may not be enough”, I can say this first hand, search is never and should never be your primary conversion funnel. It’s great while it lasts but ultimately it’s not something you can control or scale efficiently. Going forward curation plays a greater and greater role in expanding your digital reach.

Like I said above, this is a well put together article of facts on curation and worth diving into deeper, see the link below.

SEO-Friendly Content Curation

A good write up and case study on how curated content and SEO. In addition this piece makes a good case that all brands should be publishers. This is along the same lines as what we’ve talked before on the podcast— how most organizations should look at themselves as a media organization.

Curated content published on-site can provide SEO benefits of fresh, timely content if it is unique text linking to high quality resources paired with value-added commentary. Today’s savvy audience has high standards for content deemed worthwhile and sharable. Technologies are being built up around content curation.

Virginia concludes with some good advice on curation (that extends well beyond just good SEO practices):

1. Text should be unique on the Web.

2. Sources linked to should be of high quality. 

3. Add value to the collection, for instance through story-telling, new perspective or commentary.

All 3 of these elements are important not only in curating for SEO but curation in general.

Image courtesy of bruceclay.com